Dan Boneh

Recent Developments in Identity Based Encryption: Lattices and Beyond

S. Agrawal, D. Boneh, and X. Boyen

We present new directions for constructing identity based encryption
systems from hard problems on lattices.    Recall that in an Identity
Based encryption (IBE) system any string can function as a public key.
IBE systems imply CCA-secure encryption, searching on encrypted data,
secure signatures, and many other cryptographic primitives.   Until
recently all constructions were based on groups with a bilinear map or
on the quadratic residousity assumption.    Recently, starting with
the work of Gentry, Peikert, and Vaikuntanathan, there has been some
interest in constructing IBE systems from hard problems on lattices.
In this talk will describe a number of new IBE constructions and
related primitives from lattice problems.   This is joint work with
Shweta Agrawal and Xavier Boyen.