Dario Fiore 

Verifiable Outsourcing of Computation

Outsourced computations (where a client requests a server to perform
some computation on its behalf) are becoming increasingly important
due to the rise of Cloud Computing and the proliferation of mobile
devices. Since cloud providers may not be trusted, a crucial problem
is the verification of the integrity and correctness of such
computation,possibly in a {\em public} way, i.e., the result of a
computation can be verified by any third party, and requires no secret
key -- akin to a digital signature on a message. 

In this talk I will first make a survey of previous works in the area
of Verifiable Outsourcing of Computation: I will define the problem
(and variants of it), and will discuss several approaches that have
been proposed to solve it.

In the second part, I will focus on recent developments in the area of
verifiable outsourcing of specific classes of functions, such as
Evaluation of High Degree Polynomials and Matrix Multiplication. I
will present new protocols for this problem that, compared to
previously proposed solutions, improve in efficiency and offer
security in a stronger model and under standard assumptions.

Part of the talk is based on joint work with Rosario Gennaro that is
going to appear at ACM CCS 2012, and follow-up work with Dario
Catalano, Rosario Gennaro and Konstantinos Vamvourellis