Real Cryptographers Don't Use Obfuscation
Hoeteck Wee


In this talk, I will provide a survey of several recent works showing how to use pairing groups to "compile" private-key primitives to public-key ones in the context of

  1. structure-preserving signatures for signing group elements using only group operations;
  2. non-interactive zero-knowledge arguments for linear subspaces with constant-size proofs;
  3. attribute-based encryption, a variant of public-key encryption which supports fine-grained access control.

In each of these cases, we obtain simple and improved constructions that rely on standard assumptions in bilinear groups.

Based on joint works with Jie Chen, Romain Gay, Eike Kiltz, Jiaxin Pan (TCC 2014, Eurocrypt 2015 and Crypto 2015). The title of the talk is a quote from Alon Rosen.