NYU Crypto Reading Group

The Crypto Reading Group is under the auspices of the NYU Cryptography Group, which is part of the NYU Computer Science Department.

We conduct discussions on various topics in cryptography. We consist of faculty and students. Individuals are always welcome to attend. Please read the paper before the meeting.

To receive announcements of the group, send mail to Yevgeniy Dodis (dodis [at] cs [dot] nyu [dot] edu), Siyao Guo (sguo [at] cs [dot] nyu [dot] edu), or Sasha Golovnev (golovnev [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu).

Also, you can join our google calendar.

This Spring (2016), we will usually meet on Tuesdays from 1:00pm-2:30pm in Room 412. (Directions to WWH, building 46, 4th floor).

Also, see the webpages of Adi Shamir's Course on Cryptanalysis, Student Reading Group, and list of suggested papers.

Date Time Discussion Leader Topic Slides and Relevant Papers
04/11/17 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Pratyush Mishra Decentralized Anonymous Micropayments
12/14/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 905
Siyao Guo Random Oracle with Auxiliary Input, Revisited
12/07/16 2:00-3:30pm
Room 905
Marshall Ball Average-Case Fine-Grained Hardness
10/26/16 2:00-3:30pm
Room 412
Henry Yuen Parallel repetition theorems for all entangled games A parallel repetition theorem for all entangled games
05/17/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Marios Georgiou On the Composition of Two-Prover Commitments, and Applications to Multi-Round Relativistic Commitments On the Composition of Two-Prover Commitments, and Applications to Multi-Round Relativistic Commitments
05/04/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 805
Dakshita Khurana Two-Message Non-Malleable Commitments
04/26/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Silas Richelson Three Round Non-Malleable Commitment from Non-Malleable Codes Textbook Non-Malleable Commitments
04/19/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Ari Juels The Ring of Gyges: Investigating the Future of Criminal Smart Contracts The Ring of Gyges: Investigating the Future of Criminal Smart Contracts
04/12/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Yevgeniy Dodis Non-malleable codes Non-malleable Reductions and Applications
Non-malleable Codes from Additive Combinatorics
04/05/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Valerio Pastro Essentially Optimal Robust Secret Sharing with Maximal Corruptions Essentially Optimal Robust Secret Sharing with Maximal Corruptions
03/29/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Abhrajit Sengupta Provably Robust Sponge-Based PRNGs and KDFs Provably Robust Sponge-Based PRNGs and KDFs
03/22/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Alexander Golovnev Generalizations of the Gate Elimination Method Slides
03/08/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Siyao Guo Threshold Secret Sharing Requires A Linear Size Alphabet
03/01/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Chaya Ganesh Privacy Preserving Credential Verification
02/23/16 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Noah Stephens-Davidowitz Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls Slides
Message Transmission with Reverse Firewalls---Secure Communication on Corrupted Machines
12/09/15 3:15-4:45pm
Room 505
Marshall Ball Non-Malleable Codes for Bounded Depth Circuits
12/09/15 11:30am-1:00pm
Room 1302
Daniel Genkin I Know What You Did Last Decryption: Physical Side Channel Attacks on PCs Get Your Hands Off My Laptop: Physical Side-Channel Key-Extraction Attacks On PCs
09/11/15 3:00-4:30pm
Room 412
Hoeteck Wee Real Cryptographers Don't Use Obfuscation
04/08/15 1:30-3:00pm
Room 412
Tomasz Kazana Leakage-Resilient Cryptography with Key Derived from Sensitive Data
01/27/15 1:30-3:00pm
Room 412
Vanishree Rao Adaptive Multiparty Non-Interactive Key Exchange without Setup in the Standard Model Adaptive Multiparty Non-interactive Key Exchange Without Setup In The Standard Model
12/10/14 3:00-4:30pm
Room 412
John Steinberger Substitution-Permutation Networks
12/03/14 3:30-5:00pm
Room 412
Sergey Gorbunov Predicate Encryption for Circuits from Standard Lattices
05/27/14 12:00-1:30pm
Room 412
Mor Weiss Probabilistically Checkable Proofs With Zero Knowledge
04/14/14 1:00-2:30pm
Room 1314
Ari Juels The Password That Never Was
04/08/14 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Rafael Pass Indistinguishability Obfuscation from Semantically-Secure Multilinear Encodings
03/11/14 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Aris Tentes Coin Flipping of Any Constant Bias Implies One-Way Functions Coin Flipping of Any Constant Bias Implies One-Way Functions
02/18/14 1:30-3:00pm
Room 412
Gilad Asharov Towards Characterizing Complete Fairness in Secure Two-Party Computation
12/03/13 1:30-3:00pm
Room 1302
Kai Min Chung Interactive Coding, Revisited
11/26/13 1:00-3:30pm
Room 1302
Allison Lewko Interactive coding for multiparty protocols
11/20/13 2:30-4:00pm
Room 412
Mark Zhandry Multiparty Key Exchange, Efficient Traitor Tracing, and More from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
11/13/13 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Mahdi Cheraghchi Non-Malleable Coding Against Bit-wise and Split-State Tampering Non-Malleable Coding Against Bit-wise and Split-State Tampering
11/06/13 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Valerio Pastro Verifiable Computation over Encrypted Data in the Presence of Verification Queries
10/25/13 3:50-5:20pm
Room 1302
Sergey Yekhanin Local erasure coding for data storage
10/24/13 1:00-2:30pm
Room 1302
Elette Boyle Extractability Obfuscation
10/23/13 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Nishanth Chandran Secure Delegation to the Cloud
10/09/13 1:00-2:30pm
Room 412
Jonathan Ullman Fingerprinting Codes and the Price of Approximate Differential Privacy
10/03/13 2:00-3:30pm
Room 1314
Nathan Keller An overview on the security of the Advanced Encryption Standard
09/19/13 1:00-2:30pm
Room 1302
Sanjam Garg Candidate Multilinear Maps
09/19/13 11:00am-12:30pm
Room 1314
Tom Ristenpart From Credit Cards to Censorship Circumvention: Building Encryption Schemes with Specialized Ciphertext Formats
09/10/13 2:15-3:15pm
Room 412
Melissa Chase Algebraic MACs and Keyed-Verification Credentials
12/05/12 12:00-1:30pm
Room 412
Divesh Aggarwal Does Privacy Require True Randomness? Bosley-Dodis

11/27/12 1:00-2:30pm
Room 317
Chaya Ganesh Securing Circuits Against Constant-Rate Tampering DachmanSoled-Kalai
11/21/12 12:00-1:30pm
Room 412
Mike Walfish Making proof-based verified computation almost practical Setty-Vu-Panpalia-Braun-Blumberg-Walfish

11/20/12 1:00-2:30pm
Room 317
Noah Stephens-Davidowitz Entangled Storage
10/24/12 1:30-2:30pm
Room 412
Zvika Brakerski Fully Homomorphic Encryption
10/10/12 12:00-1:30pm
Room 412
Adriana Lopez-Alt Cryptography and Differential Privacy with Imperfect Randomness Dodis-LopezAlt-Mironov-Vadhan
10/2/12 1:00-2:30pm
Room 317
Valerio Pastro Multiparty Computation from Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption, also known as SPDZ (Continued) Damgard-Pastro-Smart-Zakarias
09/25/12 1:00-2:30pm
Room 317
Valerio Pastro Multiparty Computation from Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption, also known as SPDZ Damgard-Pastro-Smart-Zakarias
09/18/12 1:30-3:00pm
Dario Fiore Verifiable Outsourcing of Computation Catalano-Gennaro-Fiore-Vamvourellis
09/13/12 3:30-5:00pm
Room 1314
Kai-Min Chung Recent Progress on Parallel Repetition
09/12/12 12:00-1:30pm
Room 412
Kai-Min Chung On the (Im)Possibility of Tamper-Resilient Cryptography: Using Fourier Analysis in Computer Viruses
09/11/12 1:30-3:00pm
Stephen Finigan Latest on Fully Homomorphic Encryption from LWE
05/09/12 12:00-1:30pm
Dario Fiore Vector Commitments and their Applications Catalano-Fiore
04/25/12 12:00-1:30pm
Milinda Perera Outsider-Anonymous Broadcast Encryption Fazio-Perera
04/11/12 12:00-1:30pm
Dario Fiore Vector Commitments and their Applications Catalano-Fiore
04/04/12 12:00-1:30pm Victor Shoup GNUC: A New Universal Composability Framework Hofheinz-Shoup
03/28/12 12:00-1:30pm Yevgeniy Dodis Randomness Condensers for Efficiently Samplable, Seed-Dependent Sources Dodis-Ristenpart-Vadhan
03/07/12 12:00-1:30pm David Cash Security Against Related-Key Attacks: Definitions, Relations & Constructions Bellare-Cash
02/29/12 12:00-1:30pm Aris Tentes Hardness Preserving Constructions of Pseudorandom Functions Jain-Pietrzak-Tentes
02/15/12 12:00-1:30pm
Aris Tentes Hardness Preserving Constructions of Pseudorandom Functions Jain-Pietrzak-Tentes
(To Appear)
02/08/12 12:00-1:30pm Dario Fiore Adaptive Pseudo-Free Groups and Applications Catalano-Fiore-Warinschi
02/01/12 1:00-2:00pm David Cash A Survey of Oblivious RAMs
12/13/11 1:30-2:30pm Yevgeniy Dodis The Leftover Hash Lemma, Revisited Barak-Dodis-et.al.
11/29/11 1:15-2:30pm Adriana López-Alt Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption from (Standard) LWE (Continued) Brakerski-Vaikuntanathan
11/22/11 1:30-2:30pm Adriana López-Alt Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption from (Standard) LWE Brakerski-Vaikuntanathan
11/15/11 1:30-2:30pm Mariana Raykova How to Delegate and Verify in Public: Verifiable Computation from Attribute-based Encryption Parno-Raykova-Vaikuntanathan
11/08/11 1:30-2:30pm Feng-Hao Liu Tamper and Leakage Resilience in the Split-State Model Liu-Lysyanskaya
10/28/11 2:30-3:30pm Melissa Chase Malleable Proof Systems and Applications To Appear
10/28/11 1:30-2:30pm Adam O'Neill Security Proofs for RSA-OAEP in the Standard Model Kiltz-O'Neill-Smith
12/07/10 1:00-2:30pm Ricky Rosen A Strong Parallel Repetition Theorem for Projection Games on Expanders Raz-Rosen
11/23/10 1:00-2:30pm Muthu Venkitasubramaniam Private Coins versus Public Coins in Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems Pass-Venkitasubramaniam 10
11/23/10 1:00-2:30pm Yevgeniy Vahlis Two Is A Crowd? A Black-Box Separation Of One-Wayness and Security Under Correlated Inputs Vahlis 10
11/17/10 11:00-12:30pm
WWH Rm. 312
Dan Boneh Recent Developments in Identity Based Encryption: Lattices and Beyond Agrawal-Boneh-Boyen 10
11/02/10 1:00-2:30pm Dana Dachman-Soled On the Black-Box Complexity of Optimally-Fair coin tossing Dachman-Soled-Lindell-Mahmoody-Malkin 11
10/18/10 1:00-2:30pm Hoeteck Wee Efficient Chosen-Ciphertext Security via Extractable Hash Proofs Wee 10
10/04/10 1:00-2:30pm
WWH Rm. 317
Isamu Teranishi Signatures Resilient to Continual Leakage on Memory and Computation Malkin-Teranishi-Vahlis-Yung 10
10/01/10 1:00-2:30pm
WWH Rm. 1314
Joël Alwen Efficient Lattice (H)IBE in the Standard Model continued Agrawal-Boneh-Boyen 10
Boyen 10
09/28/10 1:00-2:30pm Joël Alwen Efficient Lattice (H)IBE in the Standard Model Agrawal-Boneh-Boyen 10
09/21/10 1:00-2:30pm Adriana López-Alt Bonsai Trees, or How to Delegate a Lattice Basis Cash-Hofeinz-Kiltz-Peikert 10
05/04/10 1:00-2:30pm Aristeidis Tentes On the (In)Security of RSA signatures Dodis-Tentes-Haitner 10
04/27/10 1:00-2:30pm Yevgeniy Vahlis Cryptography in The Presence of Continuous Side-Channel Attacks Juma-Vahlis 10
04/13/10 1:00-2:30pm Shai Halevi i-Hop Homomorphic Encryption Schemes Gentry-Halevi-Vaikuntanathan 10
04/06/10 1:00-2:30pm Joël Alwen Short and Stateless Signatures from the RSA Assumption Hohenberger-Waters 09
03/23/10 1:00-2:30pm Craig Gentry Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers DGHV 09
03/09/10 1:00-2:30pm Aristeidis Tentes Compression from Collisions, or why CRHF Combiners have a Long Output Pietrzak 08
03/02/10 1:00-2:30pm Daniel Wichs Non-Malleable Codes Dziembowski-Pietrzak-Wichs 10
02/02/10 1:00-2:30pm Dennis Shasha Secure Rural Banking On a Single Insecure Cellphone
01/26/10 1:00-2:30pm Charanjit Jutla Almost Optimal Bounds for Direct Product Threshold Theorem Jut'10
12/15/09 4:00-5:30pm Itach Haitner A Parallel Repetition Theorem for Any Interactive Argument Hai'09
12/08/09 4:00-5:30pm Daniel Wichs Public-Key Encryption in the Bounded-Retrieval Model Alwen-Dodis-Naor

12/01/09 4:00-5:30pm Moni Naor Privacy of Dynamic Data: Continual Observation and Pan Privacy Watch Online
11/24/09 4:00-5:30pm Aristeidis Tentes Key Dependent Message Secure Schemes BHHO'08
11/17/09 4:00-5:30pm Jung Hee Cheon Trapdoor DL groups and their Applications Cheon 09
11/10/09 4:00-5:30pm Vinod Vaikuntanathan Public key Encryption Schemes with Auxiliary Input Dodis-Goldwasser-Kalai
Peikert-Vaikuntanathan 09
11/03/09 4:00-5:30pm Kristiyan Haralambiev Dual System Encryption and Recent IBE/HIBE Constructions Waters 09
Lewko-Waters 09
10/22/09 3:30-5:00pm Sherman Chow Improving Privacy and Security in Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption Chase-Chow 09
10/13/09 4:00-5:30pm Yevgeniy Dodis Message Authentication Codes from Unpredictable Block Ciphers Dodis-Steinberger 09
10/05/09 4:00-5:30pm Joël Alwen Collusion-Free Multiparty Computation in the Mediated Model Alwen-Katz-Lindell
Persiano-shelat-Visconti 09
09/29/09 4:00-5:30pm Claudio Orlandi On the Necessary and Sufficient Assumptions for UC Computation Damgård-Nielsen-Orlandi 09
09/22/09 4:00-5:30pm Adriana Lopez Space-Efficient Identity Based Encryption Without Pairings Boneh-Gentry-Hamburg 07
09/15/09 4:00-5:30pm Victor Shoup Efficient Non-interactive Proof Systems for Bilinear Groups Groth-Sahai 08
05/11/09 3:20-4:50pm Aristeidis Tentes Noninteractive Statistical Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Lattice Problems Peikert-Vaikuntanathan 08
05/05/09 3:20-4:50pm Carl Bosely Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Their Applications - Part II Peikert-Waters 08
04/28/09 3:20-4:50pm Carl Bosely Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Their Applications - Part I Peikert-Waters 08
04/21/09 3:20-4:50pm Craig Gentry Fully Homomorphic Encryption Using Ideal Lattices To Appear
04/14/09 3:20-4:50pm Daniel Wichs Public-Key Cryptosystems from the Worst-Case Shortest Vector Problem Peikert 09
04/7/09 3:20-4:50pm Joël Alwen Trapdoors for Hard Lattices and New Cryptographic Constructions - Part II (IBE & LWE) Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan 08
03/31/09 3:20-4:50pm Joël Alwen Trapdoors for Hard Lattices and New Cryptographic Constructions Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan 08
03/10/09 3:20-4:50pm Vinod Vaikuntanathan Cryptography against Memory Attacks Akavia-Goldwasser-Vaikuntanathan 09
03/02/09 1:00-2:30pm
WWH Rm. 201
Aristeidis Tentes On Lattices, Learning with Errors, Random Linear Codes, and Cryptography Regev 05
02/17/09 3:20-4:50pm
Ragesh Jaiswal Security Amplification for Interactive Cryptographic Primitives Dodis-Impagliazzo-Jaiswal-Kabanets 09
02/10/09 3:20-4:50pm
Kristiyan Haralambiev Worst-case to average-case reductions based on Gaussian measures Micciancio-Regev 07
Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan 08
01/27/09 3:20-4:50pm
Carl Bosley Cryptographic functions from worst-case complexity assumptions Micciancio 07
11/26/08 1:50-3:25pm
Benny Applebaum Basing Lower-Bounds for Learning on Worst-Case Assumptions Barak-Applebaum-Xiao 08
11/19/08 1:50-3:25pm
Adi Akavia Finding Significant Fourier Transform Coefficients Deterministically and Locally
11/12/08 1:50-3:25pm
Boaz Barak Public Key Cryptography from Different Assumptions Barak-Widgerson 08
11/05/08 1:50-3:25pm
Alex Dent Sufficient Conditions for Intractability over Black-Box Groups (Asiacrypt 08)
10/29/08 1:50-3:25pm
Dario Fiore Zero Knowledge Sets with Short Proofs Catalano-Fiore-Messina (Eurocrypt 08)
10/22/08 1:50-3:25pm
Joël Alwen Collusion-Free Protocols in the Mediated Model Alwen-shelat-Visconti.
10/15/08 1:50-3:25pm
Andrew Wan Optimal Cryptographic Hardness of Learning Monotone Functions Dacahm-Soled et al.
10/08/08 1:50-3:25pm
Juan Garay Protocols and Open Problems in Partially Connected Networks
10/01/08 1:50-3:25pm
Anup Rao Network Extractor Protocols Kalai et al.
09/24/08 1:50-3:25pm
Aristeidis Tentes The unified theory of Pseudorandomness Salil Vadhan
10/17/08 1:50-3:25pm
Vinod Vaikuntanathan Trapdoors for Hard Lattices and New Cryptographic Constructions Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan 08
09/11/08 2:15 pm, room 1314
Yevgeniy Dodis Extractors, Error-Correction and Hiding All Partial Information Dodis
09/10/08 1:50-3:25pm
Daniel Wichs Adding Robustness to Information Theoretic Primitives Cramer et al 08
12/14/07 2:00-3:45pm
Rosario Gennaro Faster and Shorter Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Gennaro 07
12/07/07 9:30am-4:10pm
Theory Day New York Area Theory Day @ NYU Program
11/30/07 2:00-3:45pm
Daniel Wichs Isolated Proofs of Knowledge and Isolated Zero Knowledge Damgard-Nielsen-Wichs 07
11/16/07 2:00-3:45pm
Carl Bosley A framework for password-based authenticated key exchange Gennarro-Lindell 03
11/09/07 2:00-3:45pm
Vladimir Kolesnikov Password Mistyping in Two-Factor-Authenticated Key Exchange  
11/02/07 2:00-3:45pm
Brent Waters Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Their Applications Peikert-Waters 07
10/26/07 2:00-3:45pm
Kristiyan Haralambiev Efficient Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Using Human-Memorizable Passwords Katz-Ostrovsky-Yung 01
10/12/07 2:00-3:45pm
Daniel Wichs Provably Secure Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Using Diffie-Hellman Boyko-MacKenzie-Patel 00
10/05/07 2:00-3:45pm
Sherman Chow Authenticated Key Exchange Secure Against Dictionary Attacks Bellare-Pointcheval-Rogaway 00
09/28/07 2:00-3:45pm
Victor Shoup The Twin Diffie-Hellman Problem and Applications Cash-Kiltz-Shoup 07
09/21/07 2:00-3:45pm
Antonio Nicolosi Encrypted key exchange: password-based protocols secure against dictionary attacks Bellovin-Merritt 92
09/14/07 2:00-3:45pm
Joël Alwen On Formal Models for Secure Key Exchange Shoup 99
09/07/07 2:00-3:45pm
Victor Shoup Authenticated Key Exchange Boneh-Shoup
05/03/07 1:45-3:30pm
Emanuele Viola Pseudorandomness: New Results and Applications  
04/26/07 1:45-3:30pm
Yevgeniy Dodis Robust Fuzzy Extractors and Authenticated Key Agreement from Close Secrets Dodis-Katz-Reyzin-Smit 06
04/19/07 1:45-3:30pm
Sharon Goldberg A Cryptographic Study of Secure Internet Measurement Barak-Goldberg-Rexford-Xiao 07
04/05/07 1:45-3:30pm
Kristiyan Haralambiev Efficient Ring Signatures without Random Oracles Shacham-Waters 07
3/29/07 1:45-3:30pm
Sherman Chow Full-Domain Subgruop Hiding and Constant-Size Group Signatures Boyen-Waters 07
3/22/07 1:45-3:30pm
Daniel Wichs From Weak to Strong Watermarking Hopper-Molnar-Wagner 07
3/8/07 1:45-3:30pm
Joël Alwen Secure Linear Algebra Using Linearly Recurrent Sequences Kiltz-Mohassel-Weinreb-Franklin
TCC 2007
3/1/07 1:45-3:30pm
Prashant Puniya Impossibility Results for various Signature and Encryption Schemes in the Standard Model via Meta-Reductions Paillier-Vergnaud 05
Paillier-Villar 06
Paillier 07
2/15/07 1:45-3:30pm
Carl Bosley Does Privacy Require True Randomness? Bosley-Dodis 07
2/8/07 1:45-3:30pm
Shabsi Walfish A Tutorial on the Universal Composability (UC) Framework (Part 2) Canetti 06
Canetti-Dodis-Pass-Walfish 06
2/1/07 1:45-3:30pm
Prof. Michael Ben-Or Secure Multipary Quantum Computation Ben-Or et al, FOCS 06
1/25/07 1:45-3:30pm
Shabsi Walfish A Tutorial on the Universal Composability (UC) Framework Canetti 06
12/14/06 12:15-1:45pm
Kevin Lawler On Robust Combiners for Private Information Retrieval and Other Primitives Meier-Przydatek 06
12/7/06 12:15-1:45pm
Robert Soule Hiding Secret Points amidst Chaff Chang-Li 06
11/21/06 12:30-2:00pm
WWH Room 101
Alex Dent Indentity-based Traitor Tracing  
11/09/06 12:15-1:45pm
Kristiyan Haralambiev Sequential Aggregate Signatures and Multisignatures Without Random Oracles Lu-Ostrovsky-Sahai-Shacham-Waters 06
11/02/06 12:15-1:45pm
Vladimir Kolesnikov How to tell which of the encrypted numbers is greater? Blake-Kolesnikov 04
Blake-Kolesnikov 06
10/24/06 1:30-3:00pm
WWH Room 1314
Daniel Wichs On the Impossibility of Efficiently Combining Collision Resistant Hash Functions Boneh-Boyen 06
10/19/06 12:15-1:45pm Shai Halevi Mitigating Dictionary Attacks on Password-Protected Local Storage Canetti-Halevi-Steiner 06
10/12/06 12:15-1:45pm Petros Mol Lattices and Cryptography:An Overview of Recent Results with Emphasis on RSA and NTRU Cryptosystems

PDF Presentation
Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovasz 82
Coppersmith 97
Hoffstein,Pipher,Silverman 98
Regev 06
10/05/06 12:15-1:45pm Sherman Chow Practical Identity-Based Encryption Without Random Oracles Gentry 06
09/28/06 12:15-1:45pm Yevgeniy Dodis Cryptography and Game Theory 2 Dodis-Halevi-Rabin 00
Shoham-Tennenholtz 01
Abraham-Dolev-Gonen-Halpern 06
Dov Gordon-Katz 06
09/21/06 11:45-1:15pm Joël Alwen Rational Secure Function Evaluation and Ideal Mechanism Design Izmalkov-Lepinksi-Micali 05
09/14/06 12:00-1:30pm Yevgeniy Dodis Cryptography and Game Theory 1 Lepinski-Micali-Peikert-Shelat 04
Lepinski-Micali-Shelat 05
Izmalkov-Lepinski-Micali 05
04/14/06 1:00-2:30pm Giovanni Di Crescenzo Asynchronous Perfectly Secure Communication over One-Time Pads Di Crescenzo-Kiayias 05
04/07/06 1:00-2:30pm Dan Boneh Broadcast Encryption and Traitor Tracing Boneh-Gentry
Sahai-Waters 06
03/31/06 1:00-2:30pm Prashant Puniya On the Relation Between the Ideal Cipher and the Random Oracle Models Dodis-Puniya 06
03/24/06 1:00-2:30pm Tal Rabin Information-Theoretically Secure Protocols and Security Under Composition Kushilevitz-Lindell
Rabin 06
03/03/06 1:00-2:30pm Shabsi Walfish Perfectly Secure Password Protocols in the Bounded Retrieval Model Di Crescenzo-Lipton
Walfish 06
02/24/06 1:00-2:30pm Andrej Bogdanov Worst-case versus average-case hardness for NP Bogdanov-Trevisan '06
02/17/06 1:00-2:30pm Kristiyan Haralambiev HB and HB+: Authentication Protocols for Low-Cost Devices Juels and Weis '05
Katz and Shin '06
02/03/06 1:00-2:30pm Sherman Chow Ring Signatures without Random Oracles Bender-Katz-Morselli '05 Chow-Liu-Wei-Yuen '05
01/27/06 2:00-3:30pm Antonio Nicolosi Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge from Homomorphic Encryption Damgård-Fazio-Nicolosi '06
01/20/06 2:00-3:00pm Kevin Lawler Evaluating 2-DNF Formulas on Ciphertexts Boneh-Goh-Nissim 05
12/13/05 1:00-2:30pm Peter Ryan Pret-a-Voter: Practical, Voter-verifiable Elections Ryan 05
12/02/05 1:00-2:30pm Stanislaw Jarecki The Thin Line Between Secure and Insecure Protocols:
The case of Robust Multisignatures
Kim-Tsudik 04
11/18/05 9:30am-4:10pm Theory Day Theory Day @ NYU Program
11/04/05 1:00-2:30pm Aggelos Kiayias Verifiable Anonymous Encryption: A New Privacy Primitive Kiayias-Tsiounis-Yung 05
10/07/05 1:00-2:30pm Yevgeniy Dodis On the Generic Insecurity of the Full Domain Hash Dodis-Oliveira-Pietrzak 05
09/30/05 1:00-2:30pm Anna Lysyanskaya A Formal Treatment of Onion Routing Camenish-Lysyanskaya 05
09/23/05 1:00-2:30pm Prashant Puniya Merkle-Damgaard Revised:
how to Construct a Hash Function
Malinaud-Puniya 05
09/16/05 1:00-2:30pm Venkatesan Guruswami Context, Constructions, Connections, and Challenges Parvaresh-Vardy 05
Guruswami 05
09/09/05 1:00-2:30pm Eran Tromer Reflexive Side-Channel Cryptanalysis: Cache and Acoustic Attacks Osvik Shamir Tromer 05
05/20/05 1:00-2:30pm Hoeteck Wee On Obfuscating Point Functions Wee 05
05/13/05 1:00-2:30pm Carl Bosley Collusion-Free Protocols Lipinsky, Micali, Shelat 05
04/29/05 1:00-2:30pm Prashant Puniya On Error Correction in the Exponent Peikert 05
04/29/05 1:00-2:30pm Guy Kindler New Explicit Constructions of Randomness Extractors from Weak Sources, and of Bipartite Ramsey Graphs Barak-Kindler-Sudakov
Shaltiel-Wigderson 05
04/22/05 1:00-2:30pm Tal Malkin Mercurial Commitments with Applications to Zero-Knowledge Sets Chase-Healy-Lysyanskaya
Malkin-Reyzin 05
04/20/05 3:30-5:00pm Guy Rothblum The Complexity of Online Memory Checking Naor-Rothblum 05
04/15/05 9:30am-4:10pm Theory Day Theory Day @ Columbia Program
04/08/05 1:00-2:30pm Nelly Fazio Hierarchical Identity Based Encryption with Constant Size Ciphertext Boneh-Boyen-Goh '05
04/01/05 1:00-2:30pm Aleksandr Yampolskiy Spreading rumors quietly and the subgroup escape problem Aspnes-Diamadi-Gjosteen
Peralta-Yampolskiy '05
03/11/05 1:00-2:30pm Yael Tauman Kalai Concurrent General Composition of Secure Protocols in the Timing Model Kalai-Lindell-Prabhakaran '05
02/25/05 1:00-2:30pm Adam Smith Toward Privacy in Public Databases Chawla, Dwork, McSherry,
Smith, Wee '05
02/17/05 3:30-5:00pm Yevgeniy Dodis On the (non)Universality of the One-Time Pad Dodis-Spencer '02
02/04/05 1:00-2:30pm Michael Freedman Keyword Search and Oblivious Pseudorandom Functions Freedman, Ishai,
Pinkas, Reingold '05
01/28/05 1:00-2:30pm Nenad Dedić Upper and Lower Bounds on Black-Box Steganography Dedić-Itkis-Reyzin-Russell '05
01/14/05 1:00-2:30pm Masayuki Abe Tag-KEM/DEM: A New Framework for Hybrid Encryption Abe-Gennaro-Kurosawa
12/10/04 1:00-2:30pm Juan Garay Resource Fairness and Composability of Cryptographic Protocols Garay-MacKenzie
Prabhakaran-Yang '04
12/03/04 1:00-2:30pm Shai Halevi Universally Composable Password-Based Key Exchange Canetti-Halevi-Katz
Lindell-MacKenzie '04
11/26/04 1:00-2:30pm Stefan Wolf Oblivious Transfer Is Symmetric Wolf Wullschleger '04
11/19/04 9:30am-4:10pm Theory Day Theory Day @ NYU Program
11/12/04 1:30-3:00pm Zhiqiang Yang Privacy-Preserving Bayesian Network Structure Computation on Distributed Heterogeneous Data Wright Yang 04
11/05/04 1:30-3:00pm Nelly Fazio Chosen-Ciphertext Security of Multiple Encryption Dodis Katz 05
10/22/04 2:15-3:30pm Giovanni Di Crescenzo Constant-Round Resettable Zero Knowledge with Concurrent Soundness in the Bare Public-Key Model Di Crescenzo Persiano
Visconti 04
10/08/04 2:00-3:30pm Victor Shoup A Note on an Encryption Scheme of Kurosawa and Desmedt Gennaro Shoup 04
Kurosawa Desmedt 04
10/01/04 1:30-3:00pm Alex Dent Plaintext Awareness Bellare Rogaway 94
Bellare et al. 98
Bellare Palacio 04
09/24/04 2:00-3:30pm Carl Bosley Fuzzy Identity Based Encryption Sahai Waters 04
09/17/04 11:30am-12:30pm Yevgeniy Dodis Basing Cryptography on Biometrics and Other Noisy Data Dodis et al. 04
09/10/04 1:00-2:30pm Prashant Puniya Exact security of Luby-Rackoff Patarin 04
08/20/04 1:30-2:30pm Arial Elbaz Improved Randomness Extraction from Two Random Sources Dodis et al 04
08/8/04 1:30-2:30pm Adi Gottlieb On Worst-Case to Average-Case Reductions for NP Problems Bogdanov Trevisan 03
07/30/04 1:30-2:30pm Victor Shoup A survey of public key encryption  
07/24/04 1:00-2:30pm Prashant Puniya Black-Box Composition Does Not Imply Adaptive Security Myers 04
07/16/04 1:30-3:00pm Delaram Kahrobaei Polycyclic Groups: A new Platform for Cryptology? Abstract
07/09/04 1:30-3:00pm Shabsi Walfish Short Group Signatures Boneh Boyen Shacham 04
06/25/04 1:30-3:00pm Danny Harnik Constant-Round Oblivious Transfer in the Bounded Storage Model Abstract
06/18/04 1:30-3:00pm Victor Shoup Efficient Selective-ID Secure Identity Based Encryption Without Random Oracles Boneh Boyen 04
06/11/04 2:00-3:00pm Alensandr Yampolsky Short Signatures Without Random Oracles Boneh Boyen 04
05/11/04 1:00-2:00pm Rafeal Pass Bounded Concurrent Secure MultiParty Computation with a Dishonest Majority Pass 04
04/30/04 1:30-3:00pm Antonio Nicolosi Anonymous Identification in Ad-Hoc Groups  
04/23/04 1:30-3:00pm Yuval Ishai Batch Codes and Amortized PIR  
04/16/04 1:30-3:00pm Adi Akavia Proving Hard-Core Predicates Using List Decoding  
04/09/04 1:30-3:00pm Manoj Prabhakarn New Notions of Security: Universal Composability without Trusted Setup Prabhakarn Sahai 04
04/02/04 1:30-3:00pm Hugo Krawczyk Randomness Extraction via Common Pseudorandom Functions and Its Application to the Hashed Diffie-Hellman Transform Abstract
03/26/04 1:30-3:00pm Boaz Barak Extracting Randomness from Few Independent Sources Abstract
03/19/04 1:30-3:00pm Stefan Wolf Quantum Entanglement from an Information-Theoretic Viewpoint Abstract
03/12/04 1:00-2:30pm Aggelos Kiayias Group Signatures: Provable Security, Efficient Constructions and Anonymity from Trapdoor-Holders Kiayias Yung 04
03/05/04 1:30-3:00pm Silvio Micali Zero-Knowledge Sets Micali Rabin Kilian 04
02/27/04 1:30-3:00pm Tal Malkin A Quantitative Approach to Reductions in Secure Computation Beimel Malkin 04
02/13/04 1:30-3:00pm Birgit Pfitzman Justifying Formal-Method Abstractions of Cryptography:
A provably secure Dolev-Yao model
Backes Pfitzmann Waidner 03,
Backes Pfitzmann 03
02/06/04 1:00-2:30pm Roberto Oliveria Black-box Separation Results among Cryptographic Primitives Simon 95, Impagliazzo-Rudich 95
01/30/04 1:00-2:30pm Yehuda Lindell The Security of Protocols in Modern Network Settings Lindell 03
01/23/04 1:00-2:30pm Benny Pinkas Private analysis of data sets Abstract
12/19/03 1:00-2:30pm Ke Yang Secure MPC with Faulty Majority and Complete Fairness Garay MacKenzie Yang 03
12/17/03 1:00-2:30pm Omer Reingold Simple Proof of the PCP Theorem Abstract
12/12/03 1:00-2:30pm Rosario Gennaro Multi-trapdoor Commitments and their Applications Gennaro 03
12/5/03 1:00-2:30pm Phil MacKenzie Simulation-Sound Trapdoor Commitments MacKenzie Yang 03
11/21/03 1:00-2:30pm Yael Tauman On the insecurity of the Fiat-Shamir Paradigm Goldwasser Tauman 03
11/14/03 9:30am-4:10pm Theory Day Theory Day @ NYU Program
11/7/03 1:00-2:30pm Christian Cachin Secure Intrusion-tolerant Replication on the Internet Web Site
10/31/03 1:00-2:30pm Jacques Stern When provable security meets number theory Abstract
10/24/03 1:00-2:30pm Misha Alekhnovich More on Average case vs. approximation complexity Alekhnovich 03
10/17/03 1:00-2:30pm Siddhartha Annapureddy On the (Im)possibility of Program Obfuscation Barak et al 01
10/10/03 1:00-2:30pm Rafael Pass Bounded-Concurrent Secure Two-Party Computation in a Constant Number of Rounds Pass Rosen 03
10/3/03 1:00-2:30pm Victor Shoup Proving Properties on Committed Integers Damgard Fujisaki 01, Camenisch Shoup 02
9/26/03 1:00-2:30pm Prashant Puniya Advances in the PRPs Ramzan Reyzin 00
9/19/03 1:00-2:30pm Leonid Reyzin Physical Observable Cryptography Reyzin Micali 03
9/12/03 1:00-2:30pm Nelly Fazio Certificate-Based Encryption Gentry 03
9/05/03 1:00-2:30pm Roberto Oliveria On extracting private randomness over a public channel Dodis Oliviera 03
7/29/03 2:00-3:30pm Boaz Barak Constant-Round Coin-Tossing With a Man in the Middle or Realizing the Shared Random String Model Barak 02
7/23/03 2:00-3:30pm Siddhartha Annapuredy Zero-Knowledge Simulation in Quasi-Polynomial Time Pass 03
7/9/03 2:00-3:30pm Victor Shoup Practical Verifiable Encryption and Decryption of Discrete Logarithms Camenisch, Shoup 02
7/2/03 1:45-3:15pm Rosario Gennaro A Framework for Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange Gennaro, Lindell 03
6/25/03 2:00-3:30pm Carl Bosley Aggregate and Verifiably Encrypted Signatures from Bilinear Maps Boneh, Gentry, Lynn, Shacham 02
6/18/03 2:00-3:30pm Ke Yang Strengthening Zero-Knowledge Protocols using Signatures Garay, MacKenzie, Yang 03
6/11/03 2:00-3:30pm Shabsi Walfish Plaintext Awareness via Key Registration Herzog, Liskov, Micali 03
6/05/03 3:30-5:00pm David Chaum Secret-Ballot Receipts and Transparent Integrity VReceipt page
5/28/03 2:00-3:30pm Marc Waldman Security Entanglements (Timeweave and Dagster) Maniatis, Baker 2002, Stubblefield, Wallach, 2002
5/21/03 1:00-2:30pm Siddhartha Annapureddy Constant-Round Non-Blackbox Zero-Knowledge Proofs for NP Barak 2001
4/25/03 1:00-2:30pm Roberto Oliveira On Constructing Locally Computable Extractors and Cryptosystems in the Bounded Storage Model Vadhan 2002
4/18/03 1:00-2:30pm Petar Maymounkov Online Codes Maymounkov 2002 PS
4/11/03 1:00-2:30pm Jan Camenisch Protocols Based on the Strong RSA Assumption for Privacy Camenisch, Lysyanskaya 2002 PS
Camenisch, Lysyanskaya 2001
4/4/03 1:00-2:30pm Victor Shoup Elementary Poly-Time Primality Test Agrawal, Kayal, Saxena
4/28/03 1:00-3:00pm Siddhartha Annapureddy Concurrent ZK Micciancio, Petrank 2002
Garay, MacKenzie, Yang 2003
3/12/03 1:30-3:00pm Antonio Nicolosi Dynamic Accumulators Camenisch, Lysyanskaya 2001
3/7/03 1:00-3:00pm Govind Jajoo Ring Signatures Rivest, Shamir, Tauman 2001
Bresson, Stern, Szydlo 2002
Naor 2001
2/28/03 1:00-3:00pm Nelly Fazio An Efficient System for Non-transferable Anonymous Credentials with Optional Anonymity Revocation Camenisch, Lysyanskaya 2001
2/21/03 1:00pm-3:00pm Aggelos Kiayias Fair Group Signatures and their Applications Ateniese, Camenisch, Joye, Tsudik 2000
Kiayias, Tsiounis, Yung 2003
2/14/03 1:00-3:00pm Yevgeniy Dodis Key Insulated Security Dodis, Katz, Xu, Yung 2002 Dodis, Katz, Xu, Yung 2003
2/7/03 1:00-3:00pm Victor Shoup Generating random factored numbers, easily Kalai 2002
1/31/03 1:30-3:30pm Anca Ivan Proxy Cryptography Revisited Ivan, Dodis 2003
1/24/03 12:45-2:45pm Shabsi Walfish Universal padding schemes for RSA Coron, Joye, Naccache, Paillier 2002
12/6/02 10:00am-12:00pm Irit Dinur On the Privacy of Statistical Databases Dinur, Nissim 2002
11/22/02 1:30pm-3:30pm Alexander Barg Digital fingerprinting codes: Problem statements, constructions, identification of traitors Barg, Blakley, Kabatiansky 2001
Barg, Cohen, Encheva, Kavatiansky, Zemor 2000
11/15/02 11:30am-1:30pm Nelly Fazio Public Key Broadcast Encryption for Stateless Receivers Dodis, Fazio 2002
Naor, Naor, Lotspiech
11/8/02 1:30pm-3:30pm Yevgeniy Dodis Efficient Construction of (Distributed) Verifiable Random Functions Dodis 2002
11/1/02 1:30pm-3:30pm Roberto Oliveira How to Fool an Unbounded Adversary with a Short Key Russell, Wang 2002 (PS) (PDF)
10/25/02 1:30pm-3:30pm Markus Jakobsson Fractal Traversal of Merkle Trees Jakobsson 2002
Coppersmith, Jakobsson 2002
10/18/02 10:00am-12:00pm Aggelos Kiayias E-voting based on Homomorphic Encryption Cramer, Gennaro, Schoenmakers 1997
Damgard, Jurks 2001
Kiayias, Yung 2001
10/11/02 10:00am-12:00pm Nelly Fazio Provably Secure Steganography Hopper, Langford, Ahn 2002
10/4/02 10:00am-12:00pm Michael Freedman Tweakable Block Ciphers Liskov, Rivest, Wagner 2002
Rogaway 2002
9/27/02 10:00am-12:00pm Antonio Nicolosi Two-Party Generation Of Proactive Signature Schemes Nicolosi, Krohn, Dodis, Mazieres 2002
9/20/02 10:00am-12:00pm Anca Ivan Incremental Cryptography Bellare's incremental cryptography papers
9/13/02 1:00-3:00pm Peter Sarnak Deterministic Poly-time Primality Testing Agrawal, Kayal, Saxena 2002
9/6/02 10:30am-12:30pm Victor Shoup Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding Shoup 2000
Fujisaki, Okamoto, Pointcheval, Stern 2000
Jonsson 2002
Kobara, Imai 2002
8/28/02 3:00-5:00pm Yevgeniy Dodis On the Power of Claw-Free Permutations Dodis, Reyzin 2002
8/7/02 3:00-5:00pm Markus Jakobsson Making Mix Nets Robust For Electronic Voting By Randomized Partial Checking Jakobsson, Juels, Rivest 2002
7/31/02 3:00-5:00pm David Molnar Homomorphic Cryptography and Homomorphic Signature Schemes Micali, Rivest 2002
Johnson, Molnar, Song, Wagner 2002
7/24/02 3:00-5:00pm Shabsi Walfish Expanding Pseudorandom Functions; or: From Known-Plaintext Security to Chosen Plaintext Security Damgård, Nielsen 2002
Jutla 2000
Halevi 2001
7/17/02 3:00-5:00pm Jonathan Katz Efficient and Non-Malleable Proofs of Plaintext Knowledge and Applications Katz 2002
7/10/02 3:00-5:00pm Aggelos Kiayias Noisy Polynomials And Their Use In Cryptography Guruswami, Sudan 1998
Kiayias, Yung 2002
7/3/02 3:00-5:00pm Antonio Nicolosi SiBIR: Signer-Base Intrusion-Resilient Signatures Itkis, Reyzin 2002
Itkis, Reyzin 2001
6/26/02 3:00-5:00pm Ofer Gill Random oracle based signature schemes and their relation to Fiat-Shamir type signature schemes Bellare, Palacio 2002
Abdalla, An, Bellare, Namprempre 2002
6/20/02 3:00-5:00pm Yevgeniy Dodis Unique signatures and verifiable random functions from the DH-DDH separation Lysyanskaya 2002
Micali, Rabin, Vadhan 1999
Naor, Reingold 1997
6/12/02 3:00-5:00pm Antonio Nicolosi Forward Secure Public Key Encryption + Hierarchical ID-based Encryption Katz 2002
Gentry, Silverberg 2002
6/5/02 3:00-5:00pm Nelly Fazio Public-key Broadcast Encryption and Traitor Tracing Dodis, Fazio 2002