Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to OO design

Lecture 1: Part I.

Lecture 1: Part II (UML, gif format).

Lecture 1: Part II (UML, pdf format).

Lecture 1: Part III.

Lecture 1: Part IV.

Programming Assignment

  1. The programming assignments will be done in groups of three students. Decide your team.
  2. Get yourSun Unix account ready. If you don't have a Sun Unix account, please send e-mail to csgrad.nyu.edu to get an account. You need only one account for the three of you.
  3. Send me an e-mail with the names of your team mates from the common account the three of you will use for development. While all the future demos etc. will be done from this account, we strongly encourage that you each have your own copy of the software you are developing for the course.
  4. Make sure you have access to all the GNU suite of software. This includes c++, gcc, gdb, emacs, cvs, etc.
  5. Learn emacs, cvs commands, make and gdb.
  6. To help you set up and learn the basic tools that will be used. Complete the following assigment for next week.

Homework 1
Project 1 program text