Learning Objectives

  1. To integrate some of the concepts learnt in the course and put it all together.
  2. The HW should be simple if you use the skills taught during the course.


What you need to do:

You will design and implement a photograph album software program. Your program should take advantage of the classes in the TargetJr system when applicable, and use new classes or sub-classes when needed.

You will be given the requirements in the form of a textual use case. From that, you will generate the use case diagrams, UML, and finally the working software.


Textual Use cases.



A set of images will be provided in /home/rgupta/data/photo-album/*. We will send out an e-mail when the images are ready.


The deliverables for this project are the following.

  1. The use case interaction diagrams which show graphical flow.
  2. The UML diagrams for classes used.
  3. The commented source code for all the software developed.
  4. Some screen shots of your application in the form of a simple users guide.



No code hints will be provided for this homework. You are on your own. If you have questions about what needs to be turned in, or the requirement specs., send e-mail to us.