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The list of articles for this class is now complete. Only the weeks of June 7th, June 14th and June 21st will be on the Final.

Week of June 21st

Hate Groups

Cybersquatting and ICANN

Website Popularity

E-Commerce Tech Problems

Consumer Data and Privacy

Concert Broadcast & Explore Worm


Week of June 14th

The Beat Goes On, and Sometimes Its Legal

MP3 and Copyright

Skinny Laptop

New Chips

Computer Worm

Java's Role Continues to Develop


Week of June 7th

AOL Subscribers can be sued in Virginia

Bush takes aim at Website

E-Mail Misuse a University Concern

Office 2000

Quantum Code

File-Destroying Virus

Second Hacker Attack on U.S. Senate Web Site

Week of June 1st

Desktop Follies


Electronic Ink


Cyber hackers

Merrill Lynch

Microsoft Trial

AOL Buys Music Companies

Debate over Email Privacy


Week of May 24th

New York Grafitti Remembered

Deep Blue

Ebay Success Stories

Selling Backpacks On-Line


Week of May 17th

Hi-Def TV vs. Computers

Europe vs. U.S. on Privacy

Spy Network

Omnipresent Chips

U.S. To Offer Search Service That Links Its On-Line Sites

Follow-up: Government Halts New Search Service

Start-Up Leads phone Cause in Battle for Internet Access

Trying to Move Online Radio Beyond a Niche

Server Farms Keep Computing Centralized

Switching Internet Service Providers

Questions to Ask When Buying Internet Service