Summer 1999

Nathan Hull

Class: MTWTh 1:30 - 3:05, Warren Weaver 102
Office: 423 Warren Weaver
Phone: 212-998-3152

Reminder: The Final is this Thursday, June 24th, in Class
[ Sample Final ]

Every phrase that appears in blue and is underlined is a link to another page. To read that page, move the mouse so that the cursor is on the underlined phrase (the arrow should now look like a hand) and click the mouse. The new page will now appear. To return to the previous page, click the square (its called a button) that appears on the top left of the page. Click here for information on printing and saving files.


Course Materials (click text link for bookshop stock status)


Printing the Output screen in the labs

Instructions for subscribing to majordomo (the list server)

Homeworks (page #s are in Marateck's Turbo Pascal)

In Class Examples