Special Topics: Programming for Mobile VR

Virtual Reality hardware is evolving rapidly, but you can learn the basic principles and patterns of VR development using your smart phone and a cheap Google Cardboard viewer. This class will teach how to develop Google Cardboard VR applications using the Unity game engine. The course will include an overview of the past, present, and future of VR technology, and discuss some of the key HCI principles for developing VR. Students will learn the C# programming patterns and techniques to implement gaze-based interfaces, enable interactions with objects in the 3d environment, and to use Photon networking to build multi-player VR experiences. The coursework will include a series of projects culminating in a group project building a simple multi-user VR game.


Computer Systems Organization (CSCI-UA 201) and Java, C++, C# or other object oriented language.


Students will need to bring the following to class: a smartphone, laptop, and a Google Cardboard viewer (available for $7 and up.) See the Materials and Software page for more details.

Topics Include:

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