Fundamental Algorithms

CSCI-GA 1170
Wednesday 6:00-8:20
Room WWH 102
Professor Ernest Davis

Reaching Me


The recitation will meet Thursday, 6:00-7:00, WWH 102. Attendance at the recitation is strongly recommended. In any case, be sure that you register for the recitation (section 002) as well as the class (section 001).

The recitation instructor for the course is Azam Asl,

Prerequisites: None.

Required Textbook: Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein, 3rd edn. (Previous editions are also fine, if you can get them used cheap.)



Weekly problem sets (50%)
Final exam (50%).

Problem sets should be submitted in hard copy or by email by the start of class on the day they are due. For email submissions, I prefer PDF, but plain-text or Word are OK. They will be handed back and discussed at the recitation the next day, so they cannot be accepted late.

Class email list

Link to the class email web page and follow the instructions there for subscribing.


Problem Set 1 Due June 1.
Problem Set 2 Due June 8.
Problem Set 3 Due June 15.
Problem Set 4 Due June 22.
Problem Set 5 Due June 29.
Problem Set 6 Due July 6.
Problem Set 7 Due July 13.
Problem Set 8 Due July 20.
Problem Set 9 Due July 27.

Supplementary Notes

Using Hashing for Large Sets of Large Objects
Notes on Scheduling

Final exam

The final exam will be Wednesday August 10.

Notes on the Final Exam
Sample Final Exam
Additional practice problems can be found in the department's collection of Core Exams
Solutions to final exam


You may discuss any of the assignments with your classmates (or anyone else) but all work for all assignments must be entirely your own. Any sharing or copying of assignments will be considered cheating. By the rules of the Graduate School of Arts and Science, I am required to report any incidents of cheating to the department. My policy is that the first incident of cheating will result in the student getting a grade of F for the course. The second incident, by GSAS rules, will result in expulsion from the University.