V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Summer 2006

Assignment 4

Due: Tuesday, July 18th (Day of the Midterm)

Ever want to see yourself at the Oscars, or walking on the moon, or swimming
through the human blood stream? Well, in this assignment, you can!

Assignment #4

In this assignment, you are to create two new web pages and an original, unique Photoshop document.

1) The first web page is easy: It should be called assignments.html, and should be linked from your home page at index.html. Basically, this and all future assignments should be linked from this page. Make certain that your name appears on this page. You may also wish to put your scanned picture on this page.

2) Your second page is the heart of the assignment. It should have a table which includes at least two pictures (described below) and some text. It should include a link back to your assignment page. It should also include a link to your final Photoshop document(s) which have been compressed in either Stuffit format or Zip format.

Here is a list of additional elements you should include on this page:

3) There are at least two Photoshop pictures you should create for your page:

a. A Title for the page that should use a nice font and one or more layer effects (such as drop shadow or outer glow).

b. A picture that has been created using layers. This picture feature a scan of yourself placed into an unlikely, unique or impossible location. There should be at least four objects on four layers, including the picture of yourself, and you should try to make it look as realistic as possible. You might place yourself at the North Pole, or climbing the Eiffel Tower or simply standing beside the President at his Inaugural.

Pay especial attention to the edges of objects, shadows and lighting as well as to the proportions of your objects.

We have created an example in reverse: A famous personage standing in a contemporary, familiar surrounding. You may download all the source files that were used to create this image, which include a photo taken recently by this writer, a couple of clip art images, and a picture of a famous personality. You may also get the final Photoshop file as well. We have also written a brief description of the work that went into preparing the final picture.

c. Remember to not only post the resulting .jpeg file, but also the .psd file in Stuffit or Zip format.

There are many, many tools that are available in Photoshop, and we encourage you to explore them. Please, have fun with this assignment and feel free to use your imagination!

Hint: Make certain that you test your pages locally using Netscape, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Also, it will be easier if all of your HTML and gif files are in the same folder, and you use all lower case letters for the filenames.

4) Finally, upload your files (both the images and the HTML files) using Fetch, Fugu or winscp or another SFTP client to the i5 UNIX server. Your files should go in the directory (i.e., sub-folder) called "public_html" on the UNIX server. Test your files using Netscape, Safari or Internet Explorer again once they are on the web server.