V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Summer 2006

Assignment 3

Due: Wednesday, July 12th

Assignment #3

Using Microsoft Word, recreate the attached two-page document.


To help you, the document has also been annotated in red so that you see the different elements on the page. The text for the document can be loaded from here so that you don't have to retype it.

Your assignment will be graded on how accurately you reproduce the original. You should be sure to match fonts, spacing between lines, style (boldface, italics, etc.), indentation, point size, and margin size. You should replace the obvious fields with your own name, section and teacher.

In particular, the following elements should be replicated:

In addition to emailing the actual Word document to the grader, you should also take a screenshot (as below) of the document in Normal View showing the styles on the left hand side. Paste these pictures into a new Word document, and send both documents at the same time. The two Word files along with any new fonts should be STUFFED or ZIPPED together.

Partial Screenshot showing styles:

(Although you may choose to develop your assignment on a Windows machine, please make certain that it opens successfully on Word X for Macintosh.)

This assignment is a work-in-progress. Check back on this webpage for additional instructions, hints, etc.

How to Show the Styles via a Screen Shot

Also, print a picture of the screen showing the first contents of the programme along with the text and styles. (This picture should include the left-hand column containing the style names.)

- To do this on the Mac: Have the Word document open to page 1 so it is displayed on the screen. Hold down the keys Command + Shift + 4 and a small cross-bar (looking like a plus sign or + will appear). Then, hold down the Control key and drag the plus sign out to highlight the part of your screen containing the Word document. This places a picture of your screen in the clipboard. Now, you can open a new document in Word and then select "paste" from the edit menu to paste the screenshot inside the Word document. Print this page from Word.

- To do this on the PC: Have the Word document open to page 1 so it is displayed on the screen. Press the PRINT SCREEN button (usually on the upper-right-hand corner of the keyboard). This will place a picture of your screen on the clipboard. Then go back to Word and start a new page or a new document. Select EDIT then PASTE and a picture of your screen should appear. Print this page.

How to Attach Your Assignment to an Email Message

1. Log into your home.nyu.edu account, and choose "Read/Send Mail" as you normally do.

2. Click on "compose" and type in your section's Grading Email Address (as per above list). Your subject line should read "Assign 2 - Your Name" In the body of the message, be sure to put your name, social security number of section.

3. Now, click on "Attach." A window will open up that will allow you to "Browse" and find your file. (Again, your file name should be in the format "asgn3_doe_j.doc" Once your have found your file, click on "open" and you will be returned to the Attach File Window. Click the "Attach" button, and your file will be uploaded to your account. Note that this may take some time if your file is large, especially if you are communicating using a modem!

4. Click the "Send" button.

5. Here is a further step you may want to do: Your home.nyu.edu account keeps a folder with all of your "Sent" messages. You may want to delete this message sometime after you send it since it will be so large. To do this, click on "Folders" in the home.nyu menu bar, and then select the "Sent" folder. Check the box next to the message you want to delete, and choose "Delete". This will free up space on your account. Note that if you absolutely want to delete it immediately and permanently from your account, you have to also go to Folders/Trash, and choose to "Empty Trash"

To submit your assignments, email it to the grader (Will Wehner) at: v004su2@cs.nyu.edu