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This page contains the homework assignments. In addition, it provides information and links in order to access the server used to submit homework and to check submission status.

Handin Server

The homework handin server is used to submit homework securely, as well as check up on current and past submission status. This requires that you install a special plugin in your DrScheme environment.

Download G22.2110 Course Plugin (In Firefox or Opera browsers, you need to right-click and choose "save link as").

You can check up securely on the status of current and past submissions using the status server.

When you check your submission status, for each assignment you will see a grade, an optional solution file, and an additional set of files. The additional set of files includes your original submission which will have the name hw.scm and an additional file named graded.scm. The latter file contains a copy of your submission, annotated with comments and grading. All of my comments will begin with a ;;> .

Homework Assignments

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