V22.0004 - Summer 2005
Assignment 7
Due:Tuesday, August 2nd

In this assignment, we will explore Apple's suite of interlocking multimedia applications, iLife. You will be creating a posting a short movie sound, music, titles, effects and transitions.

First, note that this assignment is a 'work-in-progress'. It is a new assignment this semester, and additional hints, information or emendations may be posted. So, please check back here occasionally. Also note that this assignment MUST be created on the Mac! This is the only software we will be examining this semester that doesn't have a Windows version!

iLife is made up of several programs which are tightly interwoven and integrated:

Your assignment is to created a short movie which will range in time from one minute to a maximum of two minutes. It should start with a copyright-free film from archive.org. You should select scenes from this film and combine it with:

  1. Your image (still or moving) and name
  2. Titles
  3. Other sounds and/or music
  4. Transitions
  5. and Effects

Finally, you should "Share" this movie as a QuickTime file, and post it on your website. You should also provide a link to the original movie, and links to any music and/or sound effects which you used in the creation of the film.

There are many resources from which you can draw to help you with this project.

First, you can choose some film from: http://www.archive.org We suggest that you look at 'Prelinger Archives" and use one of those films.

PLEASE NOTE that many of these films are encoded in VERY BIG files that could take a considerable amount of time to download and consume a large amount of disk space. You might consider downloading the MPEG4 version of the film - it will be smaller and can still be used. In any case, you are likely to accumulate some pretty big files no matter what you do, so we suggest that you invest in some DVD-R recordable disks. They are pretty cheap, and any of the lab's Macs can write to them!

BEFORE you import your film into iMovie, you need to cut it into clips which are each under 10 MB. To do this, open it in Quicktime (professional) and move the bottom set of makers to indicate a short clip. Then, EDIT:TRIM the clip and SAVE AS. Do this for each short clip you want. You certainly do NOT want to IMPORT a whole movie into iMovie!

There are many places on the Internet to find Sound Effects which you can use to spice up your movie. Here are a few random sites I found:

If you find a great resource, please let us know!

Here are some places you can learn about iLife and iMovie:

First, at the top menu, HELP: SUPPORT in the applications will lead you to an Apple Web Site that has an immense amount of information, including Introductory Tutorials. You should check here first. The page for iMovie is at:


Also, there is HELP:iMovie HELP which is a searchable database of answers to your questions. There are many, many tutorial sites on the Internet, some free and some not.

There are also many books on the subject. Stop by the NYU Computer Bookstore or one of the many, many nearby Barnes & Nobles!

Finally, here is an example I have been working on. It is only about half done at the moment, but check back later for the completed film:

    NYU V04 Example Movie (saved by FILE:SHARE:QUICKTIME:CD-ROM, a good compromise of file size vs. quality - it is 8.3 MB)

It is based on this film from archive.org: