V22.0004 - Summer 2003
Assignment 5

Due: Thursday, July 24th

Part One

It is not too early to start campaigning for President in 2004!

In this assignment, you are to create a banner ad in support of your favorite candidate - real or imagined. Choose an actual candidate, a mythical one, yourself, or a member of your family. (Just try to keep your teacher out of it!) The ad can be either serious or humorous. Just use your imagination.

The ad is to be an animated gif that is in standard banner format, i.e., 468 x 60 pixels. Create your example using Adobe ImageReady.

Below is a modest example. (Hit 'Refresh' to see it again)


Part Two

Email the grading account for your section to tell us that your assignment is ready for grading. The subject of your message should be "Assignment 5" and the body should
include both your name and the HTML address/URL or your webppage in the form:

For your convenience, here is the grader's email address: