Due: Tuesday, August 5th

Write a program which reads in text from the keyboard until EOF (CTRL-Z) is reached.

Using an array of integers subscripted by the letters 'A' through 'Z' (well, actually 0 -- 25!) , count the number occurrences of each letter (regardless of whether it is upper or lower case). In a separate counter, also count the total number of "other" characters ('.', '?', ' ', '2', etc.).

Print out the count for each letter found (but not for those which where not found!). Also, print the count of the non-letter characters.

By inspecting the array, print out the count of the number of vowels, and the number of consonants.

Finally, print out which letter was found the most times. (Note here may be more than one letter which has the maximum count attached to it.) Also, print out which letter (or letters) was found the least number of times, but make certain to exclude letters which were not found at all.