Summer 2002

Nathan Hull

General Info

Class: MTWTh 1:30 - 3:05, Warren Weaver 102
Office: 423 Warren Weaver
Office Hours: Tues/Wed 3:15 - 4:15
Phone: 212-998-3152

Reminder: Final Exam is Thursday, August 7th during the regular class time


Assignment 9 - Due Thursday, August 7th - This is now extra credit

Assignment 8 - Due Tuesday, August 5th

Assignment 7 - Due Thursday, July 31st - extended to August 2

Assignment 6 - Due Tuesday, July 29th

Assignment 5 - Due Monday, July 21st

Assignment 4 - Due Wednesday, July 16th

Assignment 3 - Due Monday, July 14th

Assignment 2 - Due Wednesday, July 9th

Assignment 1 - Due Tuesday, July 8th

Assignment 0 - Due Thursday, July 3rd

Email all assignments to the grader account at:

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