V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice

Assignment 7

Excel #1

Due: Monday, June 24th

Assignment 7

Below is the start of a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that contains actual data from the recent election:

Create Formulas so that your spreadsheet ends up looking like:

Now publish your spreadsheet on the World Wide Web through your IS account. Create a web page called "assign7.html" and put a link to it on your "index.html" page. Then use the Excel Internet Wizard to make your two pages, and make certain that they both include your name, and other identifying information. Your "assign7.html" page should have links to both of the pages published.

You will need to publish two pages as follows: one with the data visible and one with the formulas showing. First, publish your page showing the values. Then, publish it again showing the formulas. This can be done as follows: Under "Tools," "Options," (or "Preferences" ) with the "View" tab, click on "Formulas" under the "Window Options" so that when you publish the sheet the formulas will be displayed and not the values.

For your convenience, the data can be imported from this file.