Due: Tuesday, June 25th

Write a program which creates a list of RANDOMLY chosen donations to 15 different charities.

In your first function, your program should first create a list of 100 donations, choosing both a random charity (1 - 15) and a random donation ($1.00 - $100.00). You should print the the charity and donation, and also record both the charity and the donation in two arrays, one integer and one float.

When you are done creating the individual donations, in a separate function, go back through the data, and create a THIRD array, and total the donations for each charity. (This array is subscripted by the charity number (1 - 15) and contains floating point TOTALs. At the same time, create yet a FOURTH array that contains the count of the number of donations for each charity. This will be used below.

In a third function, print out the total for each charity and the average for the charities.

Finally, in a fourth function, go back through the original data yet again, and for each donation, print out whether it was below, equal to, or above the average donation FOR THAT CHARITY, and how much it differed from the average.

All four arrays should be GLOBAL (i.e., declared outside of the main function!)