V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice

New York University: Summer 2001

Assignment 2

Due: Wednesday, May 30th

Assignment 2

Using Microsoft Word, create a sample issue of a newsletter that you would like to publish. You can create a newsletter involving any subject you like, such as movies. baseball, water pollution, fashion, politics, your dog, etc. The newsletter should be at least 4 pages long, and use either two or three columns on each page (or a mixture). Include special typographic effects such as indentation, italics and boldface styles and graphics. Consider using such elements as graphs and pull-quotes.

At least two pieces of graphics must be included-one that you have created yourself (using any of the art programs we have investigated), and one piece of imported clip art from Word's clip art, HyperCard on the Mac, or from the Internet. (Your instructor will explain how such clip art can be incorporated into Microsoft Word.) Use at least two typefaces and fonts of various sizes.

We are not asking you to be graphics artists, but make the newsletter something you would want to show to your friends or family. You will be graded upon how attractive and how innovative you make your resulting newsletter, and to what extent you have used the various features in Microsoft Word.

Your newsletter should include more than one article, all centered around a common theme. One article should be copied from the Internet and the source properly cited (see below for the correct MLA format for citing electronic publications.) It should be a short article, limited to no more than three paragraphs. All of the rest of the writing should be your own, and you should double-check your grammar. Remember to check your spelling using the spelling checker included in Microsoft Word.

Your newsletter should also contain at least three named STYLES of your own creation or modification. You will need to hand in both a style sheet, and a copy of your newsletter with the styles printed along the left side. (See below).

There must be at least one style that is built in and unmodified, one style that is built in and modified (you'll write the word "modified" after the style on the printout) and at least one style that you have 'created' (which really means modifying some style and giving it your own name).

Since this is the final Word assignment for now, you should use as many of the things you know how to do in this assignment. The tradeoff between good design and use of everything you know how to do should err on the side of showing the grader you know how, not in doing the least amount of work. It should still look as good as possible under this consideration.

Inventiveness and ingenuity are encouraged and will be appropriately rewarded.

(Note that you might consider choosing a subject that you can later reuse for part of your WebSite assignment later this semester. This is not a requirement, however! )

Here are some examples of the MLA standards for citing electronic publications. These are from Joseph Gibaldi's MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (MLA: New York, 1999). Remember that it is just as important to cite electronic publications when you quote someone else's material as it is to cite hardcopy and other materials.

What to turn in.

Put all of the following into an envelope big enough so that the papers do NOT have be folded.
Your name, section number, assignment number, and filename of the presentation must appear
on the envelope and on the diskette or Zip.

1) A printout of your newsletter with handwritten indications of where each style is in effect
2) A printout of the styles (your style sheet) (File/Print/Microsoft Word/Styles)
3) A screen shot (see below) of the first page of your document with the styles showing in Normal View along the left-hand side
4) A copy of the Word file on floppy (readable on a Mac) or Zip (formatted for Mac) disk

When you turn in your disk, make sure of the following:

Read the following statement very carefully

Contrary to popular rumor, you do NOT have to print out the final version in color! (But you may do so if you wish.)

How to Print out the style sheet and screen shot

1. To print out the style sheet, select FILE:PRINT, and then in the dialogue box, choose "Microsoft Word" and in the box below it choose "STYLES" rather than "DOCUMENT".

2. Also, print a picture of the screen showing the first page of your newsletter along with the text and styles. (This picture should include the left-hand column containing the style names.)

To do this on the Mac: Have the Word document open to page 1 so it is displayed on the screen. Hold down the keys Command + Shift + 4 and a small cross-bar (looking like a plus sign or + will appear). Then, hold down the Control key and drag the plus sign out to highlight the part of your screen containing the Word document. This places a picture of your screen in a file named Picture # (choose the largest number for #) which will be at the top of the hard drive. Double click on this file and SimpleText will be started. Print this page from SimpleText.

To do this on the PC: Have the Word document open to page 1 so it is displayed on the screen. Press the PRINT SCREEN button (usually on the upper-right-hand corner of the keyboard). This will place a picture of your screen on the clipboard. Then go back to Word and start a new page or a new document. Select EDIT then PASTE and a picture of your screen should appear. Print this page.