Sample Questions


1)      One type of question revolves around being presented with a data processing application, and you will be asked to:

a.      Identify all processing stages by information chain stage name

b.      Identify the communication channels between those stages

c.      Draw an information chain

2)      Given the same kind of description, along with a collection of errors that take place in the system:

a.      Characterize the error impact (hard vs soft)

b.      Tag the location within the information chain where the impacts can occur

c.      Characterize the total “cost” of these impacts

3)      You may be presented with some data to “eyeball-analyze”

a.      Enumerate any embedded domains

b.      Enumerate any embedded mappings

c.      Identify any null types

4)      You may be asked to suggest algorithms for

a.      Domain discovery

b.      Mapping discovery

c.      Primary key discovery

5)      You may be presented with a control chart, and asked to label the meanings of different objects in the chart

6)      You may be presented with some data quality rules. Identify which rule type it belongs to.

7)      You may be presented with some user comments. Translate these comments into rules.