LAB ACCESS ACCOUNTS have been set up for you.  Please visit the ACF
computer labs to try out your student ID cards to make sure everything is
in order.  These accounts are set up to enable you to access the
machines/softwares needed for the assigned projects in this course.

For Project 1: your home page, you can use your acf5 accounts to create a
home page if you do not already have one.  Here are instructions from on how to do this.

Creating your web pages on acf5

To create a personal web page, do the following:

Login to your home directory
and then, at your system prompt (represented by the percentage symbols
below) type the following commands, in order, and exactly as written:
% mkdir public_html
% chmod 755 public_html
% cd public_html
% cp /usr/skel/index.html .
% chmod 644 index.html

Now you will have a template web page. Edit it to your liking.

Finding a web page on acf5

To see a personal page, use a URL in the following format
where username is the System Username of the person who has a personal web

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