V22.0444-001 : Spring 1999
Introduction to Databases

Homework Policies

There will be One big project for the course. The project 
will be broken up into 3 parts and spread across the semester. The
project accounts for 40% of the total grade. 

Late Submission:
Extensions in the due date must be requested to the TA in advance
of the deadline, and will only be  granted for valid reasons.
Late homework will then be accepted at deduction of one letter grade 
(usually 10 points) if submitted within 48 hours of the deadline.
Note that if you do not turn in your assignment in time or contact
the Prof. or the TA to explain about the possible extension, 
your assignment will not be accepted.

Project Groups:  
Note that unless otherwise specified, each group will consist of FOUR
persons. Students are responsible for finding their own compatible 
groups. Changing groups is not permitted except in cases where group 
members have dropped the course. All changes must be approved in 
advanced by the TA. All students in a group will receive the same 
grade for each assignment; it is the students' responsibility to 
fairly allocate the work. The amount of work will not be reduce if 
there are lesser than two people in a group.

You will be responsible for keeping up with all the new postings in
the Course Home Page and the mailing list.
If you discuss any part of an assignment with other groups. It is
your responsibility to inform the TA about it before you submit 
the assignment.

Homework Submission: 
The programming part of the assignments should be submitted electronically 
directly to the TA before 6:00pm on the due date. All hard copies of 
programming assignments should be handed in at the beginning of the first 
class on or after the due date. Without any exception, your programs must be 
compilable and executable on the NYU cs machines.
Where applicable, you will be asked to schedule a demo for your project.

What to submit: 
Your submission (both electronic and hard-copy) should include the 
following files:

  * README file, explaining what you have done, and detailing any 
    undesirable program behavior (bug) which you haven't gotten rid of. 
    You should also put your name and ID here (and also all the memebers
    in your group). Remember that helping us understand your system 
    will usually improve your grade.

  * Makefile, so that we can compile your program by just typing "make"
    at the shell prompt. (only when required/applicable)

  * Source Code, which should be reasonably commented.

  * Example files, on which you tested the program (if required).

All communication regarding the project should be made direclty with
the TA. 

All assignments will be graded by the TA. If there is a  dispute about
your grade, first see the TA. If that does not result in resolution, 
then submit an email description of the problem to Prof. Vishwa.