Introduction to Database Systems

Spring 1999


  • The Third Assignment has been handed over this week.
  • Oracle Setup
  • Mid Term Grades

  • Exams

    Exam Location DATE Time
    Mid Term Main Building 206 March 8th (Monday) 6:15 to 7:15
    Final Exam Main Building 703 May 10th (Monday) 6:00 to 7:50 PM


    Assignment Assigned On Due On
    Assignment 0 February 22nd March 1st
    Assignment 1 February 22nd March 15th
    Assignment 2 March 29 April 12
    Assignment 3 April 12th May 3

    Class Slides

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    Course Overview

    Assignment Policies

    Course Number:     V22.0444-001

    Credits for course: 4

        206 Main Building
        Monday :: 6:10pm --> 8:55pm

     Required Book:   
              A First Course in Database Systems  
    	  Jeffrey D. Ullman, Jennifer Widom  
    	       (Prentice Hall Press)
    	   April 1997 (ISBN: 0138613370)
     Reference Book:   
              Database Systems Concepts 
    	  Henry Korth, Avi Silberschatz  
    	   1991 (ISBN: 0-07-044754-3)

        S. Viswanathan
        Office: Room 427 WWH
        Office Hours: Mondays 9:00pm to 10:00pm at 206 Main Building
    Teaching Assitant
        Xiangjun Chen  
        Office: 427 WWH
        Office Hours: Wednesday 5:30pm to 7:30pm 

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