V22.0436 - Prof. Grishman

Lecture 9 - MIPS instruction set; MIPS ALU

MIPS architecture, cont'd (text, chapter 3)

Review basic MIPS instructions (chart in text, endpaper) Sharp contract with CISC (complex instruction set) architectures such as the Intel 80x86 (sec. 3.12) Will return to performance issues later in semester

MIPS Simulator

Hennesey & Patterson provide a simulator for MIPS, called SPIM;  the version for Windows is PCSpim.  It is available for download (see page xviii of the text).  It has also been installed on the "A" and "B" machines at 14 Washington Place, where it is available in the folder C:\WIN95\desktop\Applications\Course Specific Applications\PCSpim for Windows
The simulator is described in Appendix A, section A-9.

MIPS ALU (text, section 4.5)

An ALU (arithmetic-logical unit) is a combinational circuit capable of computing a variety of arithmetic and logical functions.

Carry look-ahead: introduction

Spring 1999