A22.0005 - Spring 1999
Assignment # 2

Due: Thursday, March 4th

In this assignment, you will update your web site adding frames and some JavaScript control.

For your home page on ACF5, create a site that has two frames. The left frame will be a navigation frame, with buttons which YOU create in Photoshop. The buttons should all have "roll-overs" which also display a text explanation in the text bar at the bottom of the window. There should be at least four buttons, but you may have more: They should link to "Home" (the initial web page in the right frame), "Assignments", and two other areas (perhaps "Personal" , "Web Examples", "Resume" or any other items you like.) Note that each button you create will have to have two states, and, therefore, two separate pictures: the "at rest" picture, and the "roll-over" picture.

You may fill the right-side frame "Home" web page with any material you like, so long as somewhere on the initial page it lists your name and class.

When you click on the "Assignments" link, it should do two things: Fill the right frame with brief explanation of the assignments (perhaps with links back to the class page); and it should also open a separate navigation window (Not a frame - a separate browser window) which will have a list of the various assignments. (See page 85 in the JavaScript book). When you click on a link in this second window, it opens the appropriate assignment in the right-side frame.

Post the code from Assignment 1 and for Assignment 2, post a brief note explaining that Assignment 2 is the frames/JavaScript that the user has been using.


From now on, please submit assignments to:

On the Assignment 2 page, put a link to a page which has the HTML & JavaScript for the major pages for Assignment 2 (At least the Frameset code, the Navigation frame code, and the pop-up Assignment window code).

You may do this using any method you like, but one possible solution would be use a TEXTAREA like is used on the class Javascript examples. (Choose View source to see the code!). Basically, you would include this code:


<TEXTAREA NAME="ScriptArea" COLS="90" ROWS="20" WRAP="off">





Here is the breakdown of points for grading:


Extra Credit for Great Design and/or Technical Excellence