Printing the Output Screen from Turbo Pascal

  1. Start Turbo Pascal with the source window occupying the whole window.
  2. Run your program. At the end you will automatically be back to the source window.
    To see the output window, use <ALT>-F5, to go back to the source window, press <ALT>-F5 again.
  3. When in the output window (the black one), go to full-screen mode by pressing <ALT>-<Enter>.
  4. In full-screen mode, pressing <Shift><PrintScreen> will send the output to the printer.
    pressing <PrintScreen> by itself will capture the screen.
  5. Go back to window mode by pressing <ALT>-<Enter>.
  6. Start Notepad.
  7. Inside Notepad, use the Paste command.
    (Edit->Paste or <Ctrl>-V)
  8. Print from within Notepad.

Updated: October 6, 1998