Old Announcements

The midterm will be next tuesday 11 march. It will be returned (graded) on 13 march.

I just heard a rummor that the midterm will cover only chapters 9 and 10. THIS IS FALSE!! The midterm will cover what we did in class and homework. Chapters 9+10 PLUS the notes on coordination. Some of the coordination materhial is in Chapter 2, but I did not follow chapter 2.

I am sorry to say that I had to cancel class on tuesday 17 feb. I was taking the redeye flight back from LA (leave 10pm monday arrive 6am tuesday). Unfortunately, our our plane could not take off and by the time the replacement got us to Newark, it was too late to make it to class. For more information see The Redeye with a Black Eye.

This is the home page for the spring 98 undergraduate course. For last semester's graduate OS course, click here.

There is hope that the class computer accounts will be set up by tuesday 27 jan.

Some information on the various tanenbaum OS books are here.

Alas, the homework numbers are NOT the same on the two tannenbaum books. In fact some of the problems in "Distributed OS" are not in "Modern OS". So the homework assigned lecture 1 is just 9-1. The class notes have been modified

A microsoft scholarship announcement from the dept is available here.