User Interfaces
Homework #2
Due Feb. 26
15 points total

1 (3 points).  Each of these widget groups has one problem having to do with choice of widget.  Describe the problem and suggest an improvement involving only the standard widgets.  (The standard widgets are: button, menu, checkbox, radio buttons, list box, drop-down list box, scrollbar, text entry.)




2 (4 points).
a. Home mortgages can be obtained with the following durations: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 15 years and 30 years.  The first three are always adjustable-rate mortgages (abbreviated ARMs), and the last two are always fixed-rate mortgages.  Design a widget or widget group for choosing a mortgage type and duration.  Assume you have a decent amount of space. Use only the standard widgets.

b.  If each of the five durations could be either adjustable or fixed,  would that change your design?  If so, how? (Again, use only the standard widgets.)

3 (4 points). a. Choose a standard widget or group of them to allow input of a 2-digit U.S. Post Office abbreviation of a state (e.g. AK for Alaska).  Space is limited. Try to deal with the problem that many people may not know the abbreviations for some states.

b. Evaluate the idea of using a map of the U.S. for input of state abbreviations.  Clicking on the state would select its abbreviation. (To get around the space limitation, imagine that the map pops up when a button is clicked.)

4 (4 points). Design a widget or widget group for entering times for a computer version of a household device timer.  Such a timer can automatically turn on and off a single device, typically a lamp. The user should be able to select multiple on and off times, with a resolution of 5 minutes. The user should also be able to change and remove times. You are not limited to the standard widgets in your design, and you can use the entire screen if necessary. (You may assume a screen resolution of at least 800x600 pixels.)