Welcome to
“Intro to Web Design &
Computer Principles”

CSCI-UA.0004 - Spring 2018
Nathan Hull
Mon/Wed 12:30PM — 1:45PM - Warren Weaver Hall Rm. 102

Welcome to Web Design & Computer Principles

Final: Wed., May, 09, 2018 -- 12:00pm-1:50pm -- Room 102

Assign 9: SVG - Due: Friday, May 4
Assign 8: jQuery - Due: Wed, April 25th
Assign 10: JavaScript (extra credit): Due: Friday, May 11th

"Intro to Web Design & Computer Principles" is an exciting course designed to introduce computers to the beginning student on two levels:

The "Design" portion of the course covers HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Sites, and graphics and animation in Photoshop.

The "Principles" part of the class introduces basic design principles underlying a computer, e.g., the difference between hardware and software and the interface between the two.

CSCI-UA.0004 can be used as the first of four courses which make up the Web Programming and Applications Minor.