Programming Languages
CSCI-GA.2110-001 Spring 2016

Course Instructor
Benjamin Goldberg
Room 401, Warren Weaver Hall
Phone: 212-998-3495

Office Hours
Wednesdays, 4pm-6pm and by appointment

Lectures:  Wednesdays at 7:10pm - 9pm
Room 101 Warren Weaver Hall

There are no required textbooks. Most of the resources that we will rely on will be on the web.

Here are some recommended texts:

The grade will be based on the following:
Midterm Exam:  20%
Final Exam: 40%
Assignments: 40%

Course Description
This course discusses the design, use, and implementation of imperative, object-oriented, functional and other categories of languages. The topics covered include scoping, type systems, control structures, functions, modules, object orientation, exception handling, and concurrency. A variety of languages are studied, including Java, Scala, Ada, Lisp/Scheme, and ML. Concepts are reinforced by programming exercises and written homework.

Registered students will find the course web site here.