Numerical Methods II

CSCI-GA.2421-001, MATH-GA.2020-001
Spring 2015, Thursdays 5:10-7:00pm, WWH 512

Instructor: Olof B. Widlund

  • Coordinates
    Office: WWH 612
    Telephone: 998-3110
    Office Hours: Drop by any time, or send email or call for an appointment
    Email: widlund at
    Course URL:

  • Final Exam
    The course will NOT end with an in-class finals. Instead, there will be individual oral exams. You can sign up now and have an exam any time on a weekday May 1-15 or during the first half of June.

  • NYU Classes
    A NYU Classes account has been activated and you can use it to keep track of homework scores. It will also be used to send e-mail occasionally. The assignments will only be available, in pdf format, via this course home page.

  • Requirements
    Regular homework assignments, including programming assignments, using Matlab or any reasonable alternative. It is important that you do the homework yourself, but when you get stuck, I encourage you to consult with other students, or me, to get help when necessary. However, when you get help, it's important to acknowledge it in writing. Passing off other people's work as your own is not acceptable.

  • Homework