Intro. to Cryptography

Spring 2014


Instructor: Victor Shoup

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Lectures: Mon, Wed, 9:30-10:45, CIWW 312

Grading: Homework 30%, midterm 30%, final 40%.

Prerequisites: Basic Algorithms (CSCI-UA 310).

Course description: Provides an introduction to the principles and practice of cryptography and its application to network security. Topics include symmetric-key encryption (block ciphers, modes of operations, AES), message authentication (pseudorandom functions, CBC-MAC), public-key encryption (RSA, ElGamal), digital signatures (RSA, Fiat-Shamir), authentication applications (identification, zero-knowledge), and others, time permitting.

Midterm Exam: Wed, March 26

Final Exam: Wed, May 14, 8-9:50am (different time), CIWW 312 (same classrooom)

Text: Introduction to Modern Cryptography: Principles and Protocols, by J. Katz and Y. Lindell.

Supplementary material:

Problem Sets