Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:15 PM
Room 317, Warren Weaver Hall

Professor: Edith Schonberg

Email: edith [at] cs.nyu.edu

Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday, 3:30-4:30PM, CIWW 328.

Course Description

This course provides a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of programming, which is the foundation of Computer Science. It is intended as a first course in programming; no prior computing programming experience is needed. Programming has revolutionized every aspect of our lives from art and other media to education, business, and the core sciences. Students will design, write, and debug simple computer programs in the Python programming language.


Three years of high school mathematics or equivalent. No prior computing experience is assumed. Students with any programming experience should consult with the computer science department before registering. Students who have taken or are taking Introduction to Computer Science (CSCI-UA 101) will not receive credit for this course. Note: This course is not intended for computer science majors, although it is a prerequisite for students with no previous programming experience who want to continue into CSCI-UA 101.

Lab Tutoring Calendar

Tutoring takes place at 14 Washington Place Lab

Monday 11am - 1:30 (Eric), 5pm - 7pm (Anton)

Tuesday 10:30am - 2pm (Anton), 2pm - 6 (Sebastian)

Wednesday 11am - 12 (Sebastian), 12pm - 2 (Anton), 3pm - 5:30 (Eric)

Thursday 12:30pm - 2 (Eric), 2pm - 5 (Sebastian), 5:30pm - 8 (Anton)

Friday 9am - 12:30 (Eric), 2pm - 4 (Sebastian)

Required Course Textbook

"Starting Out With Python", second edition, by Tony Gaddis.

Course Work

The course will include weekly programming assignments. Homework must be submitted before the announced date and time deadline for full credit. Partial credit will be given for homework received within one week of the deadline.

We will be using NYU classes to submit homework. You can get there from your home account.


We will use the current version of Python in this class (Version 3.3.x). Python is open-source, and you can download it free of charge at http://www.python.org/download. The Python software includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called IDLE.


Academic Integrity

All students should submit their own work unless a group project has been assigned. Any additional references that are consulted besides the course text must be acknowledged. If in doubt about consulting other students in the class with questions, please ask me. The department academic integrity policy is here.