CSCI-GA.3220-001 Randomness in Cryptography (Advanced Cryptography), Spring 2014

Lecturer: Prof. Yevgeniy Dodis,, (212) 998-3084, room 413, WWH. Office hour: Wed 7-8.
Meeting Time/Place: W 5pm-7pm, room 201, WWH.
Final: course project.
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Lecture Summaries (current 2-hour pace)

Lecture Summaries (last year 3-hour pace)

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Students are expected to updated the scribe notes from the previous year in LaTeX. The scribe notes are due by Tuesday following the Wednesday's lecture.
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Below are the current scribe notes in the last semester 3-hour format. Please see current syllabus to map these lectures to the current pace. The lectures below are expected to be updated/corrected as we move along...

Brief Course Description:

We will cover a variety of topics (see the list below) revolving around randomization, entropy, information-theoretic crypto, extractors and (time permitting) leakage-resilient cryptography.