MAP_UA-0109 Samuel Marateck

ASSIGNMENT 1. Assigned date: WED FEB 6. Due THU FEB 14 11:59 pm

Write a program that using input() reads a 4-digit int, for instance, 3612, call it number. The program should separate the first two digits from the last two, and then add them. Thus in our example the program would assign 36 to a variable, let's say firstOne, and then assign 12 to a second variable, let's say secondOne. Finally, it would add the sum of firstOne and secondOne (here, 36 + 12, or 48) and assign it to a third variable, let's say sum.

The output of your program should show the 4-digit integer read, the integer formed from the first two digits, the integer formed from the last two and then their sum. Hint: Use the %(mod) and //(intger division).

This program must be done on the computer and the due-date is eight days from the day that its assigned. Please attach the python program and send it to the appropriate grader.