All assignments should be done on a computer and submitted via NYU Classes. See here for instructions.

Assignments that you turn in should be your own work. If you would like to work together with one other person on a homework assignment you may do so as long as you both submit the same file and you both write a comment that you worked together. For reference, here is the Computer Science Department statement on academic integrity.

Do your best to keep up with assignments. 10% will be deducted for each class day late, with a possible maximum of 30% being deducted for each assignment. Homework will not be accepted past the third class after its assigned due date without prior permission. Likewise, no assignments are accepted after the final exam.

Also, make sure to save copies of your programs and back them up to other media (such as a flash drive or external hard drive). You can store copies of files on your NYU Home account as well.

Assignment 1


Assignment date: Monday, February 4
Due date: Monday, February 11

Assignment 2

Input, Processing, Output

Assignment date: Monday, February 11
Due date: Wednesday, February 20

Assignment 3

Control Structures

Assignment date: Wednesday, February 20
Due date: Wednesday, February 27

Assignment 4

Repetition Structures

Assignment date: Wednesday, March 6
Due date: Wednesday, March 13

Assignment 5


Assignment date: Monday, March 25
Due date: Monday, April 1

Assignment 6


Assignment date: Monday, April 1
Due date: Monday, April 8

Assignment 7

Turtle Graphics

Assignment date: Monday, April 15
Due date: Monday, April 22

Assignment 8

Data Structures

Assignment date: Monday, April 22
Due date: Monday, April 29

Assignment 9

File Processing

Assignment date: Monday, April 29
Due date: Wednesday, May 8