Graphics Processing Units (GPUs): Architecture and Programming

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Welcome students! ... to the Graphics Processing Units course, edition Spring 2013.  I will keep updating this page regularly. If you have questions related to this course feel free to email me. Here is some basic information:

This course examines the architecture and capabilities of modern GPUs (graphics processing unit).
Many computations can be performed faster on the GPU than on a traditional CPU.  
This is why GPUs are present now in almost all computers; and the majority of Top 500 supercomputers in the world are built around GPUs.
GPUs are now used for a diverse set of applications not only traditional graphics applications; which introduces the concept of general-purpose GPUs or GPGPUs.
In this course, we will cover architectural aspects of modern GPUs. We will also learn how to program GPUs to solve different type of problems.

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Interesting Links (Geeky stuff about GPUs)

Important link: CUDA GPU Servers at NYU

CUDA occupancy calculator

GPU Computing
NVIDIA GPU computing seminars
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Series of CUDA articles at Dr. Dobb's

GPU Simulators and Tools:
Multi2sim (simulates both GPUs and multicore)
GPUOcelot (dynamic compilation for PTX)