Prof. Mohamed Zahran   (aka Prof. Z)
mzahran AT cs DOT nyu DOT edu
Lectures: Mondays 6:00-8:30 pm  Location: WWH 312
Recitation: Thursdays 7:10-8:00pm WWH 312
Office Hours: Mon 3-5pm


Welcome students! ... to the PAC II course, edition Spring 2013.  I will keep updating this page regularly. If you have questions related to that course feel free to email me. Here is some basic information:

Garder and recitation leader:
Prathyusha Reddy Nalla   prathyusha.nalla (at) nyu dot edu

Midterm exam:  March 25th (same place and time as the lecture)
Final exam:  May 20th, 6-8:30pm, WWH 312 (same time and place as the lecture)

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  • Lectures

    Note: The lectures below are logical entities and a single lecture below may correspond to several physical lectures in class.

    Lecture                                                      reading                 

    Bits, Data, and Operations                                             chp 2

    Digital  Logic                                                                3.1 -> 3.6

    Microarchitecture                                                         4.1 -> 4.4 (and skim chp 5)

    x86 Assembly

    C Programming: Intro                                                  chp 11 and 12.1 -> 12.4 and 13

    C programming: Advanced                                          chps 14.1->14.3, 16.1->16.2, 17.1->17.3, and 19

    Algorithms I

    Algorithms II

    Advanced Topics


    Setting up the environment for the project and the assignment here.

    The project description

    Due date: Midnight of May 6th, 2013

    Homework Assignments

    Hw1 (due Feb 11) Solutions 

    Hw2 (Due Feb 25) Solutions

    Hw3 (Due March 11) Solutions

    Hw4 (Due Apr 15)   Comments from our grader

    Hw5 (Due May 13)  Solutions

    Practice Problems

    Midterm practice problems

    Midterm exam solutions

    Final exam practice problems

    Interesting Links (Geeky stuff)

    Binary, decimal, hexadecimal converter
    Logic circuit simulator
    Online MIPS simulator
    Downloadable MIPS simulator
    Yet another MIPS simulator
    MIPS assembly reference
    Another MIPS assembly cheat sheet
    LC-3 simulator
    Nice summary of IA32 assembly
    C Programming Tutorial
    Quicksort dance!