Data Structures

CSCI-UA 0102-001/002
Monday and Wednesday, 11:00-12:15
Room WWH 102
Professor Marsha Berger

Recitation: CSCI-UA 0102-003
TA: Kshitij Bansal
(kshitij [at] cs [dot] nyu [dot] edu)
Thursday, 11:00-12:15
Room WWH 102
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Lectures/Corresponding Text Chapters/Homework

Class Date Subject Chapter in Text Notes/HW
Jan. 23 Finding duplicates, selection sort, general disc. of running time
Jan. 25 Selection sort, MergeSort, String Tokenization some material corresponds to Chap. 2
hw1.pdf Due: Fri. Feb. 3
Jan. 30 the Comparable Interface, Generics, ArrayLists some material from chap. 1 (scan, skip dense pages)
Feb. 1 List ADT, Linked Lists Start reading chap. 3 (pp. 57-82)
Feb. 6 Generic Linked Lists, inner classes,
Feb. 8 Iterable and Iterator interfaces; more on Linked Lists
hw2.pdf Due: Fri. Feb. 17
Feb. 13 Class Cancelled (Flood!)
Feb. 15 ArrayList class from text, Intro. to Stacks chap. 3 (pp. 83-92)
Feb. 20 No class (President's Day)

Feb. 22 Finish writing ArrayStack class, including Overflow/Underflow exceptions,
Stack Examples - reverse array, convert decimal to binary
Feb. 27 Postfix evaluation, more on exceptions,
hw3.pdf Due: Fri. March 9
Feb. 29 Converting Infix to Postfix
March 5 Queues, Comparator interface
March 7 Recursion Text has MergeSort, BinarySearch Ex.
(more in zip file)
March 8 MIDTERM EXAM will be given in recitation topicList.pdf
March 12 No class (Spring break)
March 14 No class (Spring break)
March 19 Applets (prep. for maze hw 4) Review in Liang text, but we are doing it using thread and run method hw4.pdf Due: Tues. March 27
March 21 Went over midterm, reviewed Queues and their implementation using java Collection class chap 3. (pp. 92-95)
March 26 Trees (Directory listing example, implementation with multiple children, expression trees) Chap. 4.1-4.2
March 28 binary search trees chap. 4.3 hw5.pdf Due: Thur. April 5
April 2 finding, traversing,

April 4 inserting (recursive and non-),deleting
April 9 more deleting, rebalancing (AVL trees). Eclipse Debugger Demo chap. 4.4
hw6.pdf Due: Thur. April 19
April 11 Chap. 5 (pp. 171-188)
April 16 Finish eclipse debugger, finish BST
April 18 Hashing hw7.pdf Due: Thur. April 26 (hand in to TA during recitation, or email to grader if typeset or scanned)
April 23 Finish Hashing
April 25 Huffman Codes
April 30 Priority Queues/Heaps Chap. 6 (pp. 225 --237) hw8.pdf Due: Mon. May 7
May 2 More on Heap and their Applications read up to p. 240
May 7 BuidHeap alg., Review of Generics
Last Day of Classes
May 14 Final Exam 10:00AM-11:50 Room 102