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Etutor: We are fortunate to have Rachel Rosen (email: csciua02@cs.nyu.edu) as our e-tutor. If you have any questions about the material or a homework assignment, you can email her.

We are fortunate to have Abhishek Saksena (as4928@nyu.edu), Eric Limjoco (edl269@nyu.edu) and Baiyang Zou (Baiyang) (bz446@nyu.edu) to help you with your programs in this course. They will be available to help students starting Monday, January 30th, at the 14 Washington Place lab and will be using the PC just to the right as you come down the stairs, at the following times.

Note: All tutoring hours will be held at the 14 Washington Place Computer Lab. The phone number there is 998-3457.

Other help options:

CAS: Additional assistance for this class is available to you free of charge at the College Learning Center. For information on one-on-one and group peer tutoring, please stop by the CLC or go to their website: http://learning.cas.nyu.edu/page/home.

The College Learning Center is located at University Hall, 110 E. 14th St, in the UHall Commons.

Further information is available about the ITS Computer Labs and facilities here.