This is some additional material for mac and linux users.
For the windows peoplem I would ssuggest either install linux or go for visual studio with the primesence develpoment kit.
Either way you need to be able to access to the raw data coming from the kinect (RGB and depth maps).


xLearn and Lua:

All the packages we will be working on during class have been included in the xLean git repo.
    For those of you who will be using Lua with libfreenect  you will have to compile everything from the sources in order to be able to edit the code and make it run. The process should be much simpler than last week. (sorry for the confusion)

    From now on we will consider that you have clone the git repository in the xlearn folder

    if you have followed all those instructions you should be able to run this in the qlua:

    Lua 5.1  Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio
    >  require 'mincut'
    >  mincut.testme() 

    In addition there is a demo with a GUI to play with the thresholding. To run it you need to go in the demos folder (located in the xlearn repo that you have cloned).

    cd xlearn/demos
    qlua live-kinect.lua

HomeWork 1:

    For this homework you need to play with the segmentation and understand what is hapenning.
    If you are using Lua, all the code is here:  xlearn/torch/contrib/mincut/

    whenever you modify the code you need to rebuild everything, here is the command for rebuild:

    cd xlearn (go to the root of the repo)
    sudo make update


    If you have any questions, please use the mailing list