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The NYU Bobcat

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Introduction by: Rachel Akaka

I am a member of NYU's mascot team, and rumors float between me and my teammates about the Bobcat's history. We guess how long Bob has been around, how many different suits there have been, and most important, the age of the suit we wear currently. In other words, how many years of sweat are in that thing? Gross. By doing some research in the NYU Bobst Library Archives, I found that Bob has gone through three different looks, or generations, the third being the current one. Below you can access the catalogues of each of these generations. All primary source materials are from the NYU Bobst Library Archives and the NYU Photo Bureau. All narratives were derived from secondary sources and my personal knowledge from being on the mascot team.


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map Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3


Secondary Sources

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Michael Rosen (former Bobcat)
Donna Kiessling '13 (current Bobcat team captain)

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published: May 2011