Data Structures
(V22.0102) 2010-11 Spring—Allan Gottlieb



Our recitation section is Tuesdays 9:30-10:45 in room CIWW 202. The recitation leader is Chanseok Oh <>, homepage

Chanseok has kindly prepared slides for the classes.


Several labs will involve programming assignments. Please follow these guidelines, first produced by Robert Soule, the TA for operating systems during 2006-07 fall, and tweaked by many every since.. As indicated in the guidelines, please include the following as the Subject: of your message ds-lab#-lastname, where # is replaced by the number of the lab and lastName is your last name in lower case. For example, if I was submitting lab2 the subject would be ds-lab2-gottlieb. Please send only the source and documentation (e.g., README) files packaged as one tar, tar.gz, or zip file. This file should be an attachment to the email message. Thank you.

Lab 3 is available.

Lab 2 is available.

Lab 1 is available.

Lecture Notes

These notes are being produced during the current semester and are revised when errors or improvements are found.

Other Resources

  1. Sun API Documentation
  2. A brief Java generics tutorial
  3. A very serious FAQ on Java generics.

Midterm Exam

The midterm will be in class 22 March.

Here are some typical questions. Please note that I didn't not consider the length or balance of this practice midterm, but I very much do consider the balance and especially the length of real exams.

The answers are here.

Final Exam

The final exam will be during finals week. Specifically it will be in Room 202 WWH on Thurs 20 May 12 at 4pm.

A practice final is here.
Answers to the practice final are here.

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-3:20 and by email appt

Teaching Assistant

Your labs should be sent via email to the TA, Radhesh Gupta <>.

Policy on academic integrity

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