Computers in Principle and Practice

Mondays and Wednesdays 2pm - 3:15pm
Courant Institute of mathematical Sciences Room WWH 317

Instructor Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Office Hours Wednesday 3:30 - 4:30
in Adjunct Office, Courant Room 328
Our example i5 website from class
Our example CSS file

Tutoring is available in the 4th St. ITS multimedia lab :
Mondays - Prince (1-3PM); Albert (3-5PM)
Tuesdays - Prince (12:30-1:30): Albert (1:30-3:30); Prince (3:30-5:30)
Wednesdays - Prince (1-3PM); Albert (2-4PM and 5-6PM)
Thursdays - Prince (12:30-1:30PM); Albert (12:30-1:30PM); Prince (3:30-5:30PM); Albert (4:30-6:30PM)

All assignments must be submitted using NYU's Blackboard system.
Late assignments are penalized as follows:
10% during the first week late;
20% during the second week late;
and 30% during the third week after the due date.


All readings are available on reserve at Bobst. Look under course number V22.0004.


1/24 Class 1: Introductions

Homework: post to the class forum on Blackboard.

Topic 1: Digital Imaging using Photoshop

In this unit we will study Photoshop as a tool for creating and manipulating digital images.

Readings from Visual Quickstart Guide to Photoshop CS5:

Assignment is to create an image of yourself placed into an unlikely, unique or impossible location using multiple layers. More info online

1/26 Class 2: Photoshop

1/31 Class 3: Photoshop

2/2 Class 4: Photoshop

2/7 Class 5: Photoshop

Topic 2: Desktop Publishing using In Design

In this unit we will explore the basics of desktop publishing using In Design.

Readings from Visual Quickstart Guide to In Design CS5

Assignment is to create a 2 page flyer telling us about yourself. More info online
You may use my template as a starting place.

2/9 Class 6: In Design
Assignment #1 (on Photoshop) due.
Discuss student projects in class.

2/14 Class 7: In Design

2/16 Class 8: In Design

Topic 3: Operating Systems and Unix

In this unit we will take a tour of the various available operating systems to understand their pros and cons. We will learn basic Unix commands.

Readings available online:

Assignment is to setup an initial web page for yourself using your i5 account More info online

2/23 Class 9: Introduction to Operating Systems
Assignment #2 (on In Design) due.
Discuss student projects in class.

2/28 Class 10: Unix and review for midterm

3/2 Class 11: Midterm Exam in class

Topic 4: HTML and CSS

In this unit we will begin to learn principles of web design by engaging with the code that underpins websites.

I recommend using Jedit (free, cross-platform, open source) to do your editing.

Readings from Visual Quickstart Guide to HTML, XHTML and CSS

Assignment is to create 3 web pages.
Part One
Part Two

3/7 Class 12: HTML
Discuss midterms
Assignment #3 on Unix due

3/9 Class 13: HTML
Worst websites of 2010
Some more great examples of bad design:
Yvette's bridal
Ling's Cars

Spring break!

3/21 Class 14: HTML and CSS
Browser safe fonts
and colors
and the box model

3/23 Class 15: HTML and CSS
Download Audacity

Topic 5: Animation

In this unit we will explore animation through working with animated GIFs in photoshop.

Assignment is to create an animated picture of yourself using photoshop. More info online

Simple Tutorial

Class Example PSDs:
bird example
face example
another face example

Web Examples:
Article- The year of the Animated Gif
Graphics Interchange Format At Denison University’s Mulberry Gallery - amke a 3 frame GIF from your webcam

3/28 Class 16: Animated GIFs
Assignment #4 on HTML and CSS due Discuss student projects

Animation Basics:
Persistence of Vision How Walt Disney Cartoons are made

3/30 Class 17: Animated GIFs

Topic 6: Web Design using Dreamweaver

In this unit we will explore more advanced web design using Dreamweaver.

Readings from Visual Quickstart guide to Dreamweaver CS5

Assignment is to create a complete website. More info online


4/4 Class 18: Dreamweaver and Web Design
Assignment #5 (on animated GIFs) due
Discuss student projects

4/6 Class 19: Dreamweaver and Web Design

4/11 Class 20: Dreamweaver and Web Design

4/13 Class 21: Dreamweaver and Web Design

4/18 Class 22: Dreamweaver and Web Design

Topic 7: Interactivity in Flash

In this unit we will explore animation and interactivity using Flash.

Readings from Visual Quickstart Guide to Flash CS5

Assignment is to create an interactive animation. More info online

Flash Examples:
Adobe Museum - Tony Oursler's Valley
Google Art Project
Dan Waber’s Strings
Brian Kim stefans Dream life of letters
Eric Natzke's generative flash paintings

4/20 Class 23: Flash
Assignment #6 (on web design) due
Discuss student projects

4/25 Class 24: Flash

4/27 Class 25: Flash

5/2 Class 26: Flash

5/4 Class 27: Flash
Assignment #7 (on Flash) due
Discuss student projects

5/9 Class 28: Review for Final Exam

5/16 Final Exam 2:00pm - 3:50pm WWH 317