G22.2620-001: Networks and Mobile Systems


Spring 2011

Location and timing: Wed 5-7 PM, 201 WWH

Instructor: Prof. Lakshminarayanan Subramanian


This is a graduate level course (open for MS and PhD students) on computer networks and mobile systems. In this class, we will teach the design and implementation techniques essential for engineering both robust networks, wireless communications and mobile computing systems. The class will cover several seminal research papers to learn the current challenges and trends in the field. The goal of this class will be to guide students to:

1. initiate and critique research ideas in networks and mobile systems

2. implement and evaluate a working mobile system


This is a project-oriented course and we will be collaborating with Project Hawaii of Microsoft Research on mobile computing projects in the class. Students will be given access to Windows Mobile phones as well as a direct access to a Windows Azure cloud computing platform. In addition, Project Hawaii supports a wide spectrum of well known APIs for the mobile devices. Students have the flexibility to define their own projects in the space of mobile cloud computing where they leverage the power of both the mobile device and the cloud computing architecture.


This course will be primarily graded based on projects, labs, research paper summaries and class participation. The rough weightage will be: 60% project work, 25% lab work, 15%paper summaries + class participation. The primary goal for the project work is to develop a fully functional mobile application/system with advanced functionalities. All projects will participate in a competition within NYU and the best project will be adjudged a special award. So you are expected to be highly creative in defining your projects!


We will read about 40-50 research papers on various aspects of networks and mobile systems. Topics include routing protocols, congestion control, multicast, wireless network protocols, peer-to-peer networks, networking aspects of cloud computing, mobile computing, mobile applications/services and network security. Students are expected to read papers before the class and participate in the discussion during the class. The lecture will be conducted in an interactive fashion.


The labs in this course will expose the students to the essential topics of mobile computing to enable students to get started with projects early. This course will strongly encourage a “learning by doing it yourself” approach to networking, where the students will implement or measure different concepts learnt in class. The final course project should be a research-oriented project which should be a design/implementation of a new concept in mobile systems broadly defined. Several suggested projects may build on the labs for the class and will be a natural continuation of a specific lab. Research projects will be presented in a poster in a departmental mini-conference in the Spring Showcase.  Suggested project ideas will be provided by the instructor.



1. Undergraduate Networks and/or Operating Systems

2. Good-level of programming experience is essential for the labs and final project.

3. For the projects, students should pick up the necessary background for mobile device programming