Web Search Engines

Wednesday 5:00-7:00
Room WWH 102
Professor Ernest Davis

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Prerequisites: None.

Required Textbook: Introduction to Information Retrieval by Christopher Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan, and Hinrich Schutze, Cambridge U. Press, 2008.
Available online .

Recommended Textbook: Mining the Web: Discovering Knowledge from Hypertext Data by Soumen Chakrabarti

Tentative list of course topics:

We will discuss the design of a Web search engine and the extraction of information off the Web. Topics include

Lecture notes

Note: These are not complete lecture notes. They have cross references and material that I preferred to project than to write on the blackboard.

Lecture 1: Jan. 26
Lecture 2: Relevance and PageRank Feb. 2
Lecture 3: Index, Query answering, Hardware Feb. 9
Lecture 4: Near Duplicates; Evaluation Feb. 16
Lecture 5: Clustering Feb. 23
Lecture 6: Sponsored Links. Collaborative Filtering Mar. 2
Slides of Wei Xu's talk on NLP tools. Mar. 9
Lecture 7: Specialized Search Engines Mar. 9
Lecture 8: Invisible Web; Table Search; Sentiment Analysis. Mar. 23
Lecture 9: Result Diversity and Query Log Mining Mar. 30.
Lecture 10: Images and Music April 6
Lecture 11: The Multi-Lingual Web April 13
Lecture 12: Information Extraction April 20
Lecture 13: Software Search April 27
Lecture 14: The Politics and Ethics of Search Engines May 4

Instructional Assistants

The instructional assistants for this course are
Daniel Galron       galron@cs.nyu.edu       x8-3127       704 715 Bway       Monday 4-6       Students with last names A-P.
Wei Xu xuwei@cs.nyu.edu x8-3365 713 719 Bway Tuesday 5-7 Students with last names Q-Z.


A course project. (60%)
Final exam (40%).

Class email list

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Web Hosting

Information about hosting web pages on the CIMS server can be found at The Web at Courant

Final Exam

The final exam will be given Wednesday, May 11, 5:00-7:00, WWH 102.
Format of the Final Exam
Sample Exam, Part I
Sample Exam, Part I: Solutions