NYU iPhone

The Final Student iPhone App Projects for NYU Computer Science Department's
"iPhone Programming" (V22.0480) Course
[For details, contact Nathan Hull at hull@cs.nyu.edu]


Charles Brillant

Conquer is a real-time location-based capture game. Using the iPhone’s GPS, Conquer morphs the real world into a large-scale game environment. Players compete to capture and control the real-life locations planted on their iPhone’s map. Issue commands from your command interface to capture territory. Play with your friends and see who can control the most territory! Players can view the status of the locations on the map, as well as a game score leaderboard. Players interface with the digital game system from the real world via their iPhone. Collect the most points and stay in the lead! You can play slowly over a week on the side, or you can play in a quick heated match versus some of your closest friends. Your neighborhood is your game world!



Tony Cheng & Emma Chirapongse

PocketGrams is a fun and casual game composed of strategy, simulation and time-management where you are the new manager of a nursing home! You're a bit of a tycoon, so you want to make tons of money to update and grow your nursing home, attracting more and more residents. In order to do so, you must keep the residents you already have happy. You must watch over your residents' needs and navigate them to the appropriate rooms to make money. The happier you keep your residents, the more money you make!



Mike Chrzanowski, John Fernandes-Salling

Like playing with blocks? QBit is 3D game for the iPhone that allows you to tap your creative energies. You explore a world composed entirely of cubes. Look at any block in your first-person perspective and tap the screen to remove it or to add a block next to it.

Choose from a variety of terrain blocks to create your own unique world. Create mountains, deserts, underground mazes, or even whole cities of any size and shape. The tools to shape the world are at your disposal; use them as a creative outlet on that long subway ride home!


Hidden Valley Summer Camp

Quenton Cook

Hidden Valley Summer Camp is an international children’s community that serves over 500 children and employs around 150 staff over the course of each summer in Maine. The bulk of each camper’s day is spent in classes. There are five class periods each day and each class lasts two weeks long. The campers choose their own classes at the start of each two week period (4 week campers get to pick new classes twice and 8 week campers get to pick new classes 4 times). The HVC Schedule-O-Matic streamlines and improves the process of enrolling campers in classes and keeping track of campers schedules. The app provides quick and easy methods of scheduling through a beautiful iPad interface. As well as various input and output options.



Bonnie Ding & Matt Margolin

Protect your Castle meets Tetris. Your fortress is under attack! Build a wall using tetris bricks to prevent enemy cannon fire from hitting your castle. How long will you survive?




Jaclyn Golda & Abdul Sheikh

AutoMusicTour for the iPhone is an application that automatically switches between playlists or songs based on your GPS location. This application allows you to place any number of pins on the map and assign a different set of songs to those pins. When you travel within several meters of a pin, the application will automatically play the songs embedded in it. Later on, if you travel to another pin, the application will automatically play the songs of the next pin. You can use the in-app music player to view the current song list, pause, play, or skip to another song.

This application is perfect for anyone who likes to listen to different songs based on their current activity or current location. Do you have a favorite playlist you listen to while traveling to work? Do you also have a different playlist you listen to on your way back home? Use AutoMusicTour to assign the corresponding pins and save you the trouble of switching the playlists yourself. Is there a special song you like to listen to every time you’re at the park, at the coffee shop, or at your favorite restaurant? Use AutoMusicTour to automatically play that special song every time you’re there.



Tone Graph

Alex Grau & Harry Goh

Tone Graph is the first and only application on the App Store that graphs the tonal path of an audio input onto the screen. Using the built-in microphone of an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, one can sing or play an instrument into the device and then proceed to analyze one’s own performance. By using this application (and some practice), musicians, singers, and the tone-deaf alike can become pitch-perfect.

Use Tone Graph as a learning aid, a tuner, or a tool that assists in creating sheet notes and tabs. Learn, have fun, impress your friends!



Sarah Hoffman & Traver Tischio

SpendSmart is a money-managing app that takes information about your purchases and organizes data based on your spending habits. By entering a few things like amount spent, store, and category (Entertainment, Food, etc) for each purchase, SpendSmart lets you see where your money is going by automatically creating and updating easy-to-read graphs that depict your spending over a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. 
 In addition to its basic features, SpendSmart also allows you to attach optional notes and a picture to each purchase entry. You can also set personal spending goals by category and have alerts set up to remind you when your spending starts to get out of hand.


iAppraisal iTool

Ken H. Lai & Sean Xu

iAppraisal iTool is a tool that real estate appraisers can use. It helps real estate professionals perform their work with ease and avoid common mistakes using a variety of useful built-in tools. No more excuses for forgetting and being late to appointments. Reports can now be done on time with increased accuracy. With this portable app, the bulky notebook, complex financial calculator, and camera can be thrown away. Mathematical functions on the field can be calculated with the built-in mathematical tool. Unlike the financial calculator, the mathematical tool requires little to no learning curve. Critical items can be recorded using its camera and note-taking tool, which allows the appraiser to easily input and store data onto the iPhone. The market area of the subject property and comparable properties can be located quickly using our Maps tool that utilizes Google Maps. An intuitive, customized to-do list called the scheduler and the ability to synchronize data with Google Calendar will remind the appraiser of crucial appointments. Future versions will include multitasking capabilities, an improved e-mail system with custom attachments, a GPS navigation system using Google Maps, an ability to synchronize files to PCs and Macs, sketching, improved and expanded note-taking functions, a voice recorder, and more mathematical functions.



Sarah Lensing & Gauri Manglik

Looking for new places to go? Bored going to the same restaurants over and over? Not to worry, we're here to help! Enjoyn.me is a recommendation engine that helps you find where to go based on where you've been. It allows users to integrate their Foursquare accounts to get personalized restaurant recommendations. Enjoyn.me will get your current location via GPS and use this information along with your past checkin history on Foursquare to provide you with the best recommendation possible. As New Yorkers, we believe that you should never have to go to the same restaurant twice!



Arian Amiri & Loren Rogers

Our app is a DJ / Mixing app called M.A.S.H. The user selects songs from the iPod library and mixes them together to create new mashups of their music in real time. The goal of this application is to make a music remix app that requires no knowledge of mixing music but is also useful as a professional tool.



Syed Ali Shah

Sets is an iPad the game of recognizing patterns. The goal of the game is to locate a pattern in three cards that are on the table. The game is as simple as that.

With amazing features like, a variety of set decks, in-game music, different modes of play and many, many more, the game shines through the marketplace, it brings the classic game of Set to the iPad with an amazing new feel.



Dimitri Vassilev

Bored on a Friday night? Sick of hearing about fun events after they've already passed? Want something unique and interesting to do? Eventual will help you! Eventual aggregates a bunch of NYC's most interesting event feeds into one, and automatically suggests things happening near you! An art snob? Set some simple preferences and you won't hear about 50 cent wings at the bar down the street. Same goes for those who love cheap wings. Eventual will guide you to the best events as they occur, and since it's reading from constantly updated feeds, you'll always have something new to try. Look at the world of Eventual as a list, a map, or try our cool augmented reality feature to see things happening around you with your iPhone's camera. Hype events up, or rate them down if they're boring -- and let your friends know where you've been or want to be. With Eventual, you may never be bored again!



Matthew Nolin & Salvatore Randazzo

NYUMobile is the perfect companion to your life on "campus". All the info you need is at your fingertips, from Bus Routes and schedules to dining hall hours and cuisine. Stay up to date with news from NYULocal, or check out the campus "buzz," a feature that lets you tweet to the community about the latest news. NYUMobile includes a full directory to look up faculty and students, and maps to help you find your way around campus! Best of all, NYUMobile, unlike your college tuition, is FREE!



Jared Wyatt & Rebecca Zhou

tagBACK is an application that provides an easy way to find and meet-up with friends in your vicinity. Current location based service applications involve “checking-in”, which requires too much effort compared to the little value provided. Also, they show everybody’s location, regardless of proximity. This information is unimportant. To facilitate meet-ups, only information about those close to you matters. Stop checking in, start tagging back.