Notes and Code:

Class Date Topic
Class Programs
Class Lectures
1 Jan 19   Intro to class
2 Jan 21 LinkedNodes.txt (see non-recursive print method) Big Oh and Linked Lists
3 Jan 26 cut and paste from slides for recursive programs
LinkedNodes.txt (see recursive print method)
4 Jan 28 ListNode.txt, LinkedListItr.txt, LinkedList.txt Handout
5 Feb 2 Stack (array implementation): Underflow.txt, Overflow.txt, StackAr.txt
Stack (linked list implementation): ListNode.txt, Underflow.txt, StackLi.txt
R Feb 3   Homework #1 Notes
6 Feb 4 DoubleListNode.txt, DoubleLinkedListItr.txt, DoubleLinkedList.txt Handouts
7 Feb 9 Queue (array implementation): Overflow.txt, QueueAr.txt
Queue (linked list implementation): ListNode.txt, QueueLi.txt
8 Feb 11 Post-fix calculator (to be used with StackLi) PostCalc.txt
TreeTraversal.txt, ExpressionTree.txt
Trees lecture
9 Feb 16 Review Searches: LinearSearch.txt, BinarySearch.txt
Binary Search Tree: BinarySearchTree.txt
Binary Search Trees
10 Feb 18 BinarySearchTree.txt (continued) Binary Search Trees (continued)
11 Feb 23 AvlTree.txt AVL Trees
R5 Feb 24 CovariantArrayTest.txt, ArrayListTest.txt, Wildcards.txt, BoundedWildcards.txt, BoundedWildcards2.txt, GenericStaticMethod.txt, TypeBoundsBad.txt, TypeBounds.txt Java generics
HW Notes
12 Feb 25 AvlTree.txt AVL Trees
13 Mar 2
14 Mar 4 ListNode.txt, QueueLi.txt, BinarySearchTree.txt (has an added method printBreadthFirstTraversal() which uses a QueueLi to print) Tree Searching
15 Mar 9 LinkedList.txt, LinkedList-equals.txt (use with this Linked List (it has no header node))
ParentNode.txt, ParentTree.txt
16 Mar 11 Midterm exam
Spring Break
17 Mar 23 BinaryHeap.txt, UnderflowException.txt Heap
18 Mar 25
19 Mar 30 BubbleSort.txt, SelectionSort.txt,
Sort.txt (check heapsort, insertionsort),
Sort.txt (check mergesort)
simple slow sorts
20 Apr 1 QuickSort.txt (works by itself) quicksort
21 Apr 6 Random.txt,
Sort.txt (check quicksort)
22 Apr 8 quicksort, counting sort and radix sort
23 Apr 13  BinaryHeap.txt (use to generate answers to in class exercises)
BinaryNode.txt (with offspring), BinarySearchTree.txt (with offspring), offspring.txt (other offspring solutions to consider)
24 Apr 15 Midterm exam
25 Apr 20 Hashable.txt, MyInteger.txt, SeparateChainingHashTable.txt hashing
R12 Dec. 3 Notes for hw 6
26 Apr 22   B Trees
27 Apr 27   Java Collections
Rec Dec. 10 In class exercises, In class exercise solutions
28 Apr 29 TestMergeLinkedList.txt (two solutions),