V22.0101 Section # 3 Software download and Instructions

Instructions for installing the Java and the IDE
In this class, we will be using DrJava to write and debug programs for Windows and MACs!

1) Install the Java Development Kit (JDK) from Sun (This is needed ONLY FOR Windows users):

Instructions for installing JDK for Window users ONLY :

2) Instructions for installing an IDE (DrJava) For MACS and Windows:

  1. DrJava: Will be used in this class for both MACS and Windows. Just click on the appropriate link to download for your computer

3) Using DrJava to write and debug programs:

1) After installing the software, click on DrJava software to open it:

2) From the file menu, select "save as" as and give the file ana me with .java extension.

3) To compile programs, click on "compile" button from the program menu

4) If there are no syntax errors, then click on "run" button to run/execute the program to see the result

You can use any other IDE's that you prefer such as:

  1. Eclipse: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
  2. JCreator: Install v3.50 under "JCreator Classics". This is the version found in the ITS labs at this time

Click here for further information on this IDE and others.